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Why study in Berlin? There are endless opportunities in Europe when it comes to studying. You can quite easily find a long list of good universities and cities offering exchange opportunities, so why choose Berlin for your experience abroad?

There are certainly many reasons, but we have grouped them together in 3 main points to make your decision that little bit easier..

#1 University

Humboldt University of Berlin, Freie Universität Berlin, Berlin University of the Arts and Berlin Institute of Technology are the 4 main universities of Berlin. They are among some of the best in Germany, and, as is the case for Humboldt, the best in the world. Famous characters such as Otto von Bismarck, Albert Einstein, Karl Marx, Georg Hegel and Heinrich Heine all attended this University, just to name a few.

Universities in Germany are almost completely free. There is only a small enrolment fee which, compared to the average cost of universities in the rest of the world, is more than reasonable. These universities are leaders in the inclusion of Erasmus students. Therefore, the city of Berlin always has something to offer for students.

Why Berlin?

#2 Environment

It is not only a large number of Erasmus students who move to Berlin each year to work or study, but also people from all over the world who want to experience life in a city bursting with diversity and history. This makes Germany’s capital city one of the most intercultural in the world.

In Berlin, you will not only be able to meet people from all over the world, but also try foods and customs from different cultures in the thousands of restaurants and events that are celebrated every week. It’s also possible for you to meet a partner from the other side of the world who now works in Berlin. Many love stories come out of cultural trips to Berlin!

A historic, rich, dynamic and booming capital city. Because of Brexit, Berlin has already been classed as the “new London”. Berlin has a lot to offer right now. In spite of everything the prices are still more than affordable. The quality of life is also second to none, with a large amount of green and well-kept spaces.

#3 Growth

There is no doubt that you will improve your English whilst in Berlin, it is even possible to live there without knowing German at all. Surely, however, it is the perfect opportunity to learn German, just like thousands of other people do, in order to integrate themselves into a long-term plan. Learning German could also be a way just to improve the qualifications on your CV, learning new languages and giving detailed information about what you learned during your time abroad at university is one of the most important aspects of any job application. In conclusion,it is fair to say that an experience abroad puts us in a position to experience cultural shock, but also enables us to grow and experience life from a different perspective. There is nothing more useful than gaining new skills for the future, all whilst enjoying experiences in the present.

Our language school offer all of the above along with immersive language courses and events, so maybe Berlin could be the right choice after all!

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