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Looking for winter activities to complement your German class in Berlin? Berlin never sleeps and there is so much to do in every season of the year. In the winter months it might seem like there is less to do and everybody spends their days inside, cosy and tucked away from the winter cold. But this is not the case in Berlin. There are still so many things that you can do during the winter months. Here, we have listed our top-picks for you.

Craft beer bars

Want to explore Berlin with food and drinks? Craft beer bars are a must when wanting the whole experience. Germany is big on beer and in Berlin there are a lot of nice places where you can sit inside for a couple of hours while having a few (or a lot) of drinks. Chatting the night away with locals while tasting different kinds of beers sounds pretty cosy in the winter months!


There are a lot of different museums in Berlin, art related, history related, weird ones and beautiful ones. So if you don’t know what to do during winter in Berlin, visit one of the many museums that Berlin has to offer! Strolling around for a day on museum island will give you the opportunity to explore more than one museum in the same place. It is, of course, accessible by public transport, so it’s a perfect place if you want to escape the freezing weather during the coldest days!

Walking tour during winter in Berlin

Most of our options on this list take place inside, however, Berlin is beautiful in the winter too. Dress up in your warmest coat, put on some gloves and go on a walking tour through Berlin! There is a variety of free tours that you can take. They often start near popular landmarks or touristic hotspots. If you’d rather not listen to the history of Berlin, you can always go on a stroll in one of the many parks. Even in the winter, these are full of people and joy!

Thermal Baths / Springs during the cold months

Do you want that warm summer feeling back? Check out one of the spas in Berlin or just outside of Berlin. A day filled with relaxation and warmth can start at 30€! There are several places in Berlin with a variation in services. There are private saunas and spas in the city centre as well as on the outskirts of Berlin. This does require taking the day off if you want to visit at a quieter time, it will ensure a stress-free experience. You will feel like you’ve reloaded yourself and are completely reenergised and ready for the winter!

Christmas markets during the winter in Berlin

Still don’t know what to do during the winter in Berlin? Of course, we can’t forget about the many cosy winter markets scattered around Berlin at Christmas time. Being outside is no problem when there is a Christmas market is nearby. Just get yourself some Glühwein, a bit of good company and stroll through the streets of Berlin. The city is truly beautiful during this time of the year with lights and Christmas decorations lining the streets, and an extra cosy atmosphere.

Take up a class

There are so many different leisure activities that Berlin offers. Maybe you are interested in learning to Salsa-dance? Or maybe pottery is more your thing? Want to do some rock-climbing? Berlin has it all. The amount of different classes and workshops that you can find is almost unbelievable. There is something for everybody, just get behind your laptop and search for Berlin and your favourite thing to do! Trust us, you will have trouble picking just one because of the amount of options!

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