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German course for beginners… so that you are able to speak in 4 weeks?

Learning a new language has never been easy. Choosing the right German course for beginners requires effort. Because, finding the right partner to guide you on your journey is important, especially when language centers and institutions are increasingly mushrooming. Let us spot three things a fruitful German course for beginners usually offers so that you can nail the language you want to learn!

Open and interactive space

German course for beginners

We learn a new language the way children learn their mother tongue. In the beginning, we try to pronounce some basic words like children do. Children fail and try over and over again until words and sentences slip out of their mouth naturally. They need an ideal environment to do so. A German course for beginners should check this box first. An open space will encourage beginners to talk and fail and try and repeat. Interaction should never be missed out. “Talk, listen and talk” is the secret to nail German. Unless you speak it out loud, no one can correct your pronunciation. Unless you listen, the sounds and the structures will not come to you naturally. There is no doubt that an open and interactive class is the utmost base for mastering a language.


The location of the institution is not the most important indicator of quality. However, people tend to go to the UK and the US for learning English, Spanish-speaking countries for studying Spanish. Where will a beginner find a more perfect place for learning German than Germany? Learning German in Berlin is a noteworthy option. It is not only about observing and trying to understand what people are talking about. The experience immerses you into both language and culture. The desire to understand the nature of the language and the culture will boost your passion for the language. Berlin has an added charm as an appealing place for international students. No more fear! The chance to mix and mingle with either native speakers or language learners can’t be more real. As fear is gone, you will share your experience and exchange amazing ideas.

German course beginners

More than a German course for beginners

“Learning” is a broad term, so it demands more than just a German course for beginners. Being a native speaker does not make someone a good teacher. A well-qualified teacher with the right teaching method will lead you to success. Also, language should be lived in various ways beyond classes. Movies, outdoor activities, culture exchange, workshops are fantastic opportunities. Meeting native German speakers is sometimes a huge problem for learners. Thus, a fruitful German course for beginners should cover a hub of activities through which you learn the most. DAS Akademie students enjoy DAS Kulti, DAS History, DAS Treff, workshops to dig into German culture. They can practice their skills in different contexts and sharpen their speaking or writing skills.

When can you start?

How about next Monday? Come join our next intensive beginners course. We will make you speak.


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