Visa Support

Before applying for a visa for learning the German language, you will need written confirmation of registration for a language course. This course should comprise at least 20×45 minute units per week. After you register for a course at the DAS Akademie and pay the course fee fully, we will send you an official registration confirmation. You will then need to forward this confirmation in the original to the country’s responsible German authority.

Application for a visa for learning the German language

Please visit the website of Federal Foreign Office for information about entry into the Federal Republic of Germany. You can also approach the German Embassy in your region.

The following basic requirements apply for the issuing of visas:

  • Proof of financial security during your stay in the Federal Republic of Germany
  • No public funds may be used during the visit

If your journey and stay cannot be financed by your own means, it is possible for a host who is resident in the Federal Republic of Germany to take on responsibility for all resulting costs. The Department of Immigration is responsible for this procedure.

If you have further questions about applying for a language visa, please contact us at any time.