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COVID-19 Update: Due to the spread of the coronavirus, DAS Akademie is obliged to pause all classes within its premises as of the 16th of March.
Despite all the challenges we face at the moment, we know that life must go on and time is our most valuable asset. Therefore, all our courses will be temporarily moved to virtual classrooms during this period of insecurity. New registrations are also welcome.

As of Monday, the 16th of March, some of our courses will already start taking place in virtual classrooms. Throughout the same week, additional courses will transition. Our goal is to complete the transition of all classes by the 23rd of March. All classes that will begin with the transition to virtual classes will be informed via email with at least a 24 hours notice.
All new students who register to our courses now will begin learning languages online from the same great instructors until we can open the doors of our school at Torstraße 125 again.

Transition to Virtual Classes

The notification about the transition will include detailed instructions for using the virtual classroom system. Sufficed to say that you will not need to install any software or applications on your devices and will be able to join our sessions just by clicking on a link.
Extraordinary circumstances require extraordinary measures. It goes without saying that the experience in a physical classroom cannot be compared to a virtual session. However, it is equally true that DAS Akademie, since 1998, be it with its management or its employees, always provided quick and efficient solutions to new challenges. We are confident that we will also provide fun and engaging lessons in virtual classrooms.

Once again, our priority is to keep our students, employees and the planet safe and healthy while staying productive and working towards our mission and goals.