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Turkish Course Berlin

Do you want to learn Turkish in Berlin? In that case, you’re in the right place! We offer a range of Turkish language courses which are bound to make you speak.

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Turkish Classes in Berlin

Due to a historical past shared between Germany and Turkey, it is becoming more and more essential to pick up Turkish in Berlin. Our Berlin language school makes it easier for you by offering many different courses.


Language Course

Our international institution has been leading in language teaching for over 22 years. During this period, thousands of students have tried and tested our Turkish teaching methods, and given only positive feedback.

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The advantage of taking part in our courses at DAS Akademie is the flexibility. We offer courses anytime in the day to fit your schedule: mornings (10:00 – 13:15), afternoons (17:30 – 19.00)  and evenings (19:00 – 21:30).

International Turkish Language Courses

Why take Turkish courses in Berlin? Germany and Turkey have close links with one another. While around five million people from Turkey and their descendants live in Europe, almost half of them live in Germany. Discover our Turkish course options and choose which one is the best for you:



Learn Turkish in Berlin


If you want to learn Turkish in an effective way, be assured that at DAS Akademie, we make it possible thanks to our unique approach:

  • Native and experienced teachers
  • Focus on speaking skills
  • Small class sizes to ensure attention for all participants


Do you need to learn Turkish for your holiday abroad? Or maybe for your job, or because you want to be able to chat with friends or neighbours? Our language school offers Turkish courses in Berlin at all levels of the CEFR, from beginners (A1.1) to advanced (C2.2) level speakers. Furthermore, our groups are small enough to be able to focus on each individual’s needs. If you already have existing knowledge of the language, we invite you to take part in a free placement test, so that we can find the right level for you. We look forward to a consultation in which we will define your goals and work with you to find the right path to success!

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If you can already speak Turkish, we invite you to take part in a free placement test so we can find the right course for you!

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Our flexible courses mean you can plan your lessons according to your individual schedule. You really can learn Turkish at any time!


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After our teacher has recommended the best level for you, all you have to do is to fill the registration form.

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Student Reviews

Achieve Greatness!

Trust our method and our previous students’ reviews and get the best results possible with a Turkish course at DAS Akademie!

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Intensive Turkish Course

In our Intensive Turkish Course in Berlin you will quickly learn the language codes and secrets to master it in a short amount of time.

The point of intensive courses is to immerse you in a friendly group to help you gain confidence and speak more fluently.

Evening German Course

Our Evening Turkish courses are designed to fit busy schedules and people who work during the day. With the evening courses, you will be able to focus on Turkish speaking for 2.5 hours twice a week either on Mondays and Wednesdays or Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Turkish Conversation

If you would like to learn how to dive into the ever-changing diversity of Berlin, a good way is to take part in our Turkish Conversation Course in Berlin. The goal of this course option is to focus on speaking skills while experiencing some daily life situations. The content of this course will be essentially based on small plays, small talk, interactive debates and much more to make you speak!

Private Turkish Lessons

The objective of one-to-one Turkish classes in Berlin is to enable our teacher to teach at a pace which suits you. They will be completely focused on your own goals and will do their best to support you in reaching them.

Our native-speaking teachers are fully dedicated to private lessons and will advise you on exclusive resources to go further in your adventure.

If you are still wondering why you should join DAS Akademie, here are further reasons:


1: Professional guidance

DAS Akadmeie is a leading language school. Thanks to the expertise of our native teachers, you will be able to to gain new skills very quickly and very easily. Targeted and tailored tips will be given in order to increase your chances of being successful.


2: Access to qualitative resources

Learning a language needs one thing before anything else: access to good quality materials.The resources you use for can make or break your experience. Thanks to our professional partners, at DAS Akademie you are guaranteed to receive exclusive content based on unique resources.

Furthermore, our Pinterest and Facebook pages are updated daily with original and interactive content to help you in learn languages anywhere.


3: Motivation

We provide you with friendly atmosphere to motivate you being active in your course. The more you interact with other students or teachers, the more you will make progress.

Thanks to our small-class sizes method, you quickly have a feeling of belonging and your trust is growing up.