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Turkish Courses in Berlin

Why take Turkish courses in Berlin? Germany and Turkey have close links with one another. While around five million people from Turkey and their descendants live in Europe, almost half of them live in Germany. The number of bi-national marriages and partnerships is increasing steadily each year, and around four million German tourists each year choose Turkey as their go-to holiday destination. The German economy is also strongly represented in Turkey with around 2,700 German companies registered in the country.

You never know when Turkish can come appear in your everyday routine. It may appear in your place of work or in more personal settings, either way, it is always handy to have some knowledge of the language. That’s where DAS Akademie comes in! We support you and offer you the best opportunity to learn the Turkish language in a place where is becoming more and more popular.

Our Turkish Courses in Berlin

Do you need to learn Turkish for your holiday abroad? Or maybe for your job, or because you want to be able to chat with friends or neighbours? Our language school offers Turkish courses in Berlin at all levels of the CEFR, from beginners (A1.1) to advanced (C2.2) level speakers. Furthermore, our groups are small enough to be able to focus on each individual’s needs. If you already have existing knowledge of the language, we invite you to take part in a free placement test, so that we can find the right level for you. We look forward to a consultation in which we will define your goals and work with you to find the right path to success!

Please contact us for course details and class schedules.

*1 unit of lesson is equal to 45 minutes.

Turkish Course Schedules & Prices

Intensive Turkish Course

Intensive Turkish Course

4 weeks per sub level, 12 lessons per week, 420,-€
One to one Turkish Lessons

One to one Turkish Lessons

Flexible, from 36,-€ per lesson
evening turkish course berlin

Evening Turkish Course

8 weeks per sub level, 2 days per week, 425,-€
Turkish Conversation Course in Berlin

Turkish Conversation Course

2 days per week, 165,-€

Let’s Learn Together!

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