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Autumn is here and you are scared that Berlin’s frosty weather will make you go on hibernation? If you are already considering the idea of staying home watching boring movies and waiting for spring to hit – guess what? This is not happening! Today we are bringing you the TOP 3 events in Berlin to treat yourself better during this cold-ass autumn.

Berlin Leuchtet

The first and foremost of our TOP 3 events in Berlin is Berlin Leuchtet, which literally means “Berlin Illuminated”. From September 28th, the whole city of Berlin will be lit up with astonishingly colorful illuminations. Berlin Leuchtet has become over time one of the most memorable events in Berlin.

Events in Berlin_Berlin leuchtet

Berliner Dom during Berlin Leuchtet

Many nationals as well as international artists and designers will share their stories in a rather unique way. They will portray their art work on Berlin’s most popular sites and will immerse yourselves in a “magical fairy tale”. This year Berlin is lighting up over 500 buildings through the use of lasers, light installations, 3D projections and videos. The streets of Berlin will not only be as colorful as you have never seen before, but will also be full of music and artistic performances together with fireworks and much more.

If you made it up to here, you most certainly don’t want to miss the TOP 2nd and 3rd events in Berlin this autumn!

German Unification Day Street Party

The second of our TOP 3 events in Berlin is German Unification Day Street Party. A big day is coming to Germany. This year, the State of Berlin hosts the festival in celebration on the 28th anniversary of the collapse of the Berlin Wall and reunification of Germany. Bringing a new motto – “Only With You” – the festival is truly noteworthy for the beginning of October.

What is the reason behind this grand celebration? The unification of Germany is a fruitful result of constant effort and great courage of not only German citizens but also friends from Europe and many other parts of the world. It also represent democracy, freedom and diversity over the country. This triumph symbolizes the mutual trust, which makes German Unification Day one of the most expected events in Berlin.

The street party takes place from the 1st to the 3rd of October. Here friendships come beyond the border. Freedom and the mutual belief are the features. The celebration spreads through Haupbahnhof, Potsdamer Platz, Tiergarten, Reichstag and Brandenburg Gate. Stay tuned and see you there!

European Street Food Award

You finally made it to the our last recommendation on how to treat yourself better this autumn. We are talking about the European Street Food Award. If you are a wholehearted food lover, this is going to one of the events in Berlin you aren’t going to forget. Aimed at reinventing the way we eat thanks to street food, the ESF – the European Street Food organization – partnered up with food journalists, chefs and event organizers to launch the biggest street food competition in the world. Started in Portugal on April, 30th, this long-fought contest will come to an end in Berlin where the organization will award the winner of this year’s EFSA.