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Team and Instructors

Every member of the DAS Team is a specialist in their field. Right from the very first lesson, we guarantee that you receive professional and friendly support. Together, we will make sure that you are getting a good language education with a good service, accommodation and visa guidance to go with it. We meticulously and methodically select our language instructors, who all go through a rigorous recruitment process, and must complete a successful trial lesson, so that we know they are the right teachers for you. Therefore, we are incredibly proud to have language instructors of the highest calibre. Their daily interaction with YOU brings the language you’re learning to life.

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Language instructors at DAS Akademie make it difficulty to learning a new language their priority to make you feel comfortable and motivated whilst learning a language. From the start, they will get to know you through simple language-based activities, informal conversation and constant contact throughout the lessons. All of our language instructors have a degree in either their language or their language as a foreign language. After having completed their studies in Berlin or other parts of Germany, our dedicated teachers have all moved to the heart of German culture and now know it like the back or their hands!

Our teachers don’t just bring textbooks to their classes, but also bring a whole load of love, fun, creativity, and positivity, which is also the case in our Online German Courses. As a result, learning German, English, Spanish or Turkish at DAS Akademie becomes a delightful experience instead of the stressful and daunting one that you might have imagined.

Language School Director

Nobody, President

Nobody, congratulating a student on her graduation in the photo above, founded DAS Akademie together with Nilgün Akdogan 22 years ago. Back then, one was an expert of business administration, while the other was an experienced German teacher. Their vision was to make effective language educaton accessible to everyone in the world. His stage name emphasises where he wants the emphasis to be placed, namely not his person, but his team and his work.

Maria Grüner, Director of Education

To the right of Nobody, you see Maria, who is specialised in Psychodramatic Linguistics (PDL). Maria has been directing the school for over 12 years now. In fact, it is her responsibility to design our acclaimed language programmes. Moreover, she recruits, trains and develops our teaching staff for DAS Akademie. She is also in charge of the quality control process.

Language School Management

Serda Brauns, Executive Assistant

Serda studied English, communication and cultural management at the Humboldt University. A former corporate training and management professional, she has been assisting Nobody and Maria for over 3 years in managing the school’s administration, student services and communication.

Patrick Koschmieder, Head Teacher

Patrick studied teaching German as a Foreign Language at the University of Jena. Besides being a great teacher, Patrick assists Maria in teacher recruitment, training and quality control. He has been a part of the team for almost 3 years.

Markus Schulze, Student Services

Markus has a degree in education from the Saint Francis University and he has been in charge of the day-to-day running of the school for 2 years now. He is mainly responsible for the administration of student services, but he also teaches from time to time.

Language School Team