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School Trips to Berlin, Germany

What’s better to finish the year with a school trip to Berlin? This allows you to conclude the year program and to experience the real reasons why you study a language. Students will be more conscious of what happens in the culture they have been learning about for so long. Being immersed directly in a different culture enables people to realise the many entertaining and facts that we can learn or study.

School trips to Berlin aim to immerse students into the German language through workshops, tailored educational activities and excursions. In fact, a culture or study trip to Germany can have a particular theme such as music, visual arts or sports. For over 20 years, our language school has been designing and organising highly acclaimed educational programmes for adults, teenagers and children.

Would you like to learn German in a great German class in Berlin, Germany? Do you want to get to know the language, the culture and the people as well? Then join us in exploring a city rich with history and diverse culture for an unforgettable experience!

School Trips to Berlin, Germany

Our School Trips to Berlin

We can organise an all-round package for you (including flights, accommodation, language classes and leisure activities), or provide a short term German course only. Of course, we could also help you organise anything in between, such as bookings, enquiries or insurance! The choice is yours! We work with you and for you to create an unforgettable trip for your students. Once you have placed your request, our team will put together a programme tailored to your specific requirements and goals. If you would like to receive a free quote on your next school trip, please complete our contact form. As soon as we receive your enquiry, we will contact you with an offer tailored to your needs and wants.

Course content tailored to your trip and curriculum

We offer you many possibilities of choices that might satisfy your requests and reach your expectations:

– Class only or activities included
– With or without breakfast and drinks
– Can be combined with visits to museums or city rallies