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On October 11 – 13, as part of Berlin Photo Week, there will be photography exhibition at Kraftwerk. The 3-day event will display the works of world renowned photographers such as Thomas Hoepker, Sven Marquardt, David LaChapelle, Thomas Kretschmann, Olaf Heine, etc. There are different types of admission tickets depending on your yearnings. With the free “funplace” ticket, you can gain access to the showings, discover photogenic installations and try out new gear from Panasonic, Canon, Leica, etc. For the ones who want a more in-depth experience (on Saturday), they can purchase the “conference” tickets. Here, you can enter open panels from leaders in the visual industry and listen in to featured talks of the artists showcased at the photography exhibition at Kraftwerk.

Photography exhibition at Kraftwerk: Artists

Kraftwerk: Thomas Hoepker

Thomas Hoepker is a New York based self-proclaimed image maker best known for his photograph of Muhammad Ali “The Mighty Fist“. After having obtained his degree in archaeology and art history, Thomas went on to make his mark in the photography, producing, art directing and reporting industry. His photography work draws inspiration from the rapidly changing city of New York and the adversity in Third World countries. Moreover, Hoepker is appreciative of other cultures which can be observed in works like “Magnum Retold: Valparaiso” and “Coast to Coast”.

Photography exhibition at Kraftwerk: Sven Marquardt

For techno lovers, the name “Sven Marquardt” might ring a bell. In addition to his photography career, he is notorious for being the captivating bouncer of the infamous techno club “Berghain”. Starting off, Marquardt carried his analogue camera photographing a young boy wearing a trench coat in a cemetery. Because of the erotic and alluring looks of the boy, Sven had envisioned him being the real life version of Dorian Gray. Since then, he has made numerous portraits drawing inspiration from the punk and new wave scene and Berlin nightlife. Marquardt hardly works with bright daylight and chooses not to use artificial lighting due to its in-genuine feeling. Therefore, he has become known for subtle color atmospheres and his black and white photographs.

Kraftwerk: David LaChapelle

With Andy Warhol as a Godfather, David LaChapelle, famous for his kitsch, post-pop surrealism, has left an impression on the masses. David is known for his unique aesthetic bringing bright colors, mythological figures and religion into his work. Not only that, but a great deal of stars have had the privilege to grace his camera lens. Celebrities include Amanda Lapore, Whitney Houston, Travis Scott, Nicki Minaj, etc. Through his work, LaChapelle is provoking thoughts by combining his Christian background and his vision of liberating Jesus as a figure of hate.

Photography exhibition at Kraftwerk: Thomas Kretschmann

The beloved actor known for his role in movies such as Resident Evil: Apocalypse, The Pianist, Cars 2, etc. is coming back to his home country to display his photographs at Kraftwerk. Although primary recognized for his acting abilities, his eclectic style of photography is recognized by critics. In addition, Thomas is displaying his art throughout his Instagram feed.

Kraftwerk: Olaf Heine

Olaf Heine, known for his staged photographs, is a staple in the visual art world. Throughout his career, he has become known for his black and white canvasses. Not only that, but Heine has worked with celebrities such as Iggy Pop and Rammstein. In 2019, he finalized his latest work “Rwandan Daughters” where he returns to Rwandan to revisit the Genocide of 1994. During his exhibition of “Sausada” at Kraftwerk, Olaf Heine will combine his newer work with prior photographs. His art illustrates a need for happiness that has gone by with a glimpse of melancholy.

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