Our Philosophy

DAS Philosophy

The most important thing when we learn a new language is to enjoy the process of learning. Hence our motto, “Erst lachen, dann machen”, which literally means “first laugh, then do”.

Because unless it’s fun, you won’t learn!

This philosophy underpins everything we do. In order to help you learn, we immerse you in high quality games and activities that make sense in real contexts. Moreover, we focus on making you speak from day one on. In this way, you acquire the language organically.

Experienced Teachers and Small Classes

Our experienced teachers are motivated and committed to your learningSmall classes with an average of six and a maximum of twelve students per class guarantee an intensive and efficient learning process. No matter where you’re from, what language you learn or how long you study with us – your learning and enjoyment take centre stage at DAS Akademie. Most importantly, we are always open to your feedback.

We make you speak!

Walk into the DAS Akademie in Berlin Mitte and you will feel at home with their personal, friendly and welcoming approach.  Step into the classroom and you will immediately notice something different to pretty much every other language school around…no desks. DAS Akademie has a very creative and hands on teaching method focuses predominantly on speaking. Much of the lesson is spent moving around the room, communicating in pairs, or small groups.  Forgoing desks allows for more flexible and creative lessons than the traditional “teacher in front of the chalk board” model.

Our students are at the centre of everything we do. We help them understand how they learn best and apply the most learner-centred and activity-based teaching methods in all classes. If they miss out on a class, we will update them on course progress and send them homework. Because we care.

Why Choose DAS Akademie

Our students are at the center of everything we do.

Unique Teaching Method

No desks, no stress, but open spaces and smiling faces. Our unique teaching method is coupled with our passionate desire and commitment to quality language education.

Skilled Teachers

DAS Akademie employs only the highest quality teachers.  A clear testament to the quality of their classes is the 100% pass rate our students achieve at the Text DaF exam after their preparation courses.

Diverse Language Programs

Take advantage of our multiple language programs. Discover the DAS Summer Camp, DAS Winter Camp, DAS Action Camp, Educational Tours, Study Trips, Das Kombi, Teach the Teacher program and more!


Our Skilled Instructors