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Online German Courses

Blended learning at its best

Learn German beyond boundaries in an online German course by DAS Akademie. Here, you can combine the power of live language tutoring with the flexibility of guided self-study. Our certified online German classes are a convenient option for students or working professionals worldwide. In fact, programs with different intensity and timetables help you match up your schedule to your goals. In between live sessions, you will study with cutting-edge e-learning software and you can apply your knowledge in a virtual classroom.

Online German Courses

Online German Course Features

Build strong German skills in a digital campus with the support of real-time lessons that bring DAS Akademie’s famous teaching method to life:

blended online german course

Smart Preparation

Prepare for class on a cutting-edge online  learning platform with multi-media content

Custom modules

Hands on support

24/7 access

online german course

Live Online Sessions

Engage in live German classes with qualified German teachers from DAS Akademie Berlin

Real interaction

Personal coaching

Top teachers

online german courses

Practice Makes Perfect

Guided self-study with a clear learning path: Practice your skills anytime and anywhere

Clear learning path

Engage all senses

Homework Efficiency

Online German Course Types

Making Quality German Education Affordable Worldwide

No matter where you are and what type of budget you have, you can now learn German online with native speakers who make you speak. Moreover, you can learn German at your own pace on a digital learning platform, which helps you understand German grammar like never before. Most importantly, you can practice your reading, writing and listening skills as often as you wish.

* 1 lesson = 45 minutes

Why you should choose a blended online German course?

Intensive Online German Classes

We make you speak! As a matter of fact, this statement has been our motto since 1998. Our 15 years of experience in online education is proof: Students need access to a platform characterised by custom exercises, engaging learning activities and immediate feedback. In this way, they can fully benefit from live online German classes with a qualified German teacher. In short, our goal is to free up the time to make better use of face-to-face interaction during your live online German course.

Moreover your teacher can:

  • Follow the progress of every student
  • Follow the progress of the entire class
  • Assign individual modules and exercises
  • Send you the correction of your homework

All these groundbreaking features make e-learning at DAS Akademie a complete game changer. Curious to see how it works? Just contact us and our team will gladly provide you with more information.

A serious approach to learning German

Learning German online with a language learning app is often associated with a lack of live interaction. In fact, you cannot learn to speak German on a language learning app alone.

DAS Akademie has been at the forefront of teaching German as a foreign language since 1998. Our world-class language school designed its online German classes in keeping with the same spirit: Speaking comes first and only practice makes perfect.

Online Deutschkurs

The best platform to learn German online?

The best platform for learning German consists of video-tutorials, interactive games, customised exercises and immediate feedback. Such a platform should also support the flipped classroom method: the future of teaching and learning German online.

Picture this: You arrive home, switch on your laptop and click on the link sent by your German teacher Patrick. In fact, you met him in your live online German class today. Therefore, your teacher knows your skills, your learning pace and needs. The live lesson is over, but here he is again explaining how to form Perfekt (possibly the most important tense in German language).

After watching the video with Patrick, you still do not get that part about adding or leaving out “ge-”  when declining verbs. You just rewind and the verbs gemacht, gehört, gekocht magically appear in front of the Patricks friendly face. And then you say in German: Verstanden! Understood. Now, it is time to practice, because tomorrow you will be applying your knowledge in active discussions.

This way of self study at home is changing the way learning German works. It is called „the flipped classroom.“