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German courses for kids online with or without reading/writing skills (Kids Mini 4-6 und Kids Maxi 5-8 Version) and for younger children between 9-12 years old. Now, every young learner can master the German language with our inspiring tutors from Germany.

Kids German Courses Online: Try now for free

DAS Akademie has been offering German language camps and summer German courses to kids and teens worldwide since 1998. However, not every child can come to Germany to benefit from the cutting edge quality we offer in these language programmes. Therefore, we now offer online German courses for kindergarten kids (3-6), younger children (5-8) and pupils (9-12). Here, kids learn German online with great tutors using the digital learning platform MintiCity.

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MintiCity Kids accelerates foreign or second language development in kids through a series of age-relevant games. Thanks to interactive stories, songs, images and videos, MintiKids intuitively builds listening, hearing and writing skills in kindergarten and primary school children.

Kid learning German online

Kid learning German online




Course Structure:

Step 1. Register for the German course for kids and get a free placement test.

Step 2: Register a parent account and  monitor child’s scheduled German lessons, homework, and progress to keep on track.

Step 3: In regular live sessions, the focus will be on speaking German with a highly qualified instructor.

German courses for kindergarten kids online

All teacher guided lessons are in the form of live tutoring and gives full access to the interactive e-learning tool MintiCity. MintiCity Kids is immersive, interactive, individual, and can be used any time, anywhere. Whether on a tablet or a smart phone, all one needs is internet access to learn German.

Ideal for kindergarten kids (4-6):

2 lessons per week


Part-time Online Kids German Courses

Ideal for additional language training alongside school:

4 lessons per week

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