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Online German Course

Learn German online with real success

Learn German in an online German course which combines the power of live language classes with the flexibility of self-study. No matter whether you wish to work or study in Germany, here you will find the perfect online German class for real success.

Course Structure

Our online German courses are centred around interactive and dynamic online classes. In between these live sessions, you will study with cutting-edge e-learning materials. Thus, you will also be able to apply self-acquired knowledge in the virtual classroom. All in all, comprehensive, interactive and effective.

blended online german course

Smart Preparation

Prepare for class on a cutting-edge online  learning platform with multi-media content

Custom modules

Hands on support

24/7 access

online german course

Live Online Classes

Engage in live online German classes with qualified German teachers from DAS Akademie Berlin

Real interaction

Personal coaching

Top teachers

online german courses

Practice Makes Perfect

Guided self-study with a clear learning path: Practice your skills anytime and anywhere

Clear learning path

Engage all senses

Homework Efficiency

Course Types

Making Quality German Education Affordable Worldwide

Regardless of where you are and what type of budget you have, you can now learn German online with native speakers who make you speak. Moreover, you can learn German at your own pace on a digital learning platform, which helps you understand German grammar like never before. Most importantly, you can practice your reading, writing and listening skills as often as you wish.

* 1 lesson = 45 minutes


A1 Online German Course

In the A1 online German course you will learn the basics of the German language and start building your vocabulary.

Find out more about A1 German Course


B1 Online German Course

B1 online German course is the intermediate stage where you start learning complex structures.

Find out more about B1 German Course


C1 Online German Course

C1 online German course is an advanced program during which you will be using German for every aspect of life.

Find out more about C1 German Course


A2 Online German Course

By completing the level A2, you will have general or pre-intermediate knowledge of the German language.

Find out more about A2 German Course


B2 Online German Course

At the end of the B2 online German course, you will be a very able and confident German speaker.

Find out more about B2 German Course


C2 Online German Course

C2 online German course is for people who are living or working in Germany full-time for a while now.

Find out more about C2 German Course

E-Learning made in Germany

Build strong German skills in a digital campus with the support of real-time lessons that bring DAS Akademie’s famous teaching method to life:

Intensive Online German Classes

We make you speak! As a matter of fact, this statement has been our motto since 1998. Our 15 years of experience in online education is proof: Students need access to a platform characterised by custom exercises, engaging learning activities and immediate feedback. In this way, they can fully benefit from live online German classes with a qualified German teacher. In short, our goal is to free up the time to make better use of face-to-face interaction during your live online German course.

Moreover your teacher can:

  • Follow the progress of every student
  • Follow the progress of the entire class
  • Assign individual modules and exercises
  • Send you the correction of your homework

All these groundbreaking features make e-learning at DAS Akademie a complete game changer. Curious to see how it works? Just contact us and our team will gladly provide you with more information.

Learn German online effectively

Learning German online with a language learning app is often associated with a lack of live interaction. In fact, you cannot learn to speak German on a language learning app alone.

DAS Akademie has been at the forefront of teaching German as a foreign language since 1998. Our world-class language school designed its online German classes in keeping with the same spirit: Speaking comes first and only practice makes perfect. In addition to this, DAS Akademie is also the proud developer of a unique e-learning software: MintiCity.

Online Deutschkurs

What is the best way to learn German online?

The best way to learn German involves teacher led sessions combined with video-tutorials, interactive games, customised exercises and immediate feedback. Such a program should also support the flipped classroom method: the future of teaching and learning German online.

Picture this: You arrive home, switch on your laptop and click on the link sent by your German teacher Patrick. In fact, you met him in your live online German class today. Therefore, your teacher knows your skills, your learning pace and needs. The live lesson is over, but here he is again explaining how to form Perfekt (possibly the most important tense in German language).

After watching the video with Patrick, you still do not get that part about adding or leaving out “ge-”  when declining verbs. You just rewind and the verbs gemacht, gehört, gekocht magically appear in front of the Patricks friendly face. And then you say in German: Verstanden! Understood. Now, it is time to practice, because tomorrow you will be applying your knowledge in active discussions.

This way of self study at home is changing the way learning German works. It is called „the flipped classroom.“

Online German Course Features

In this online German course, you will learn German online from level A1 to C2, in line with the CEFR. Therefore, online German courses at DAS Akademie are an ideal step stone for a language learning or study preparation visa.

Most importantly, you will develop:

  • solid communication skills
  • strong reading and hearing comprehension
  • confidence in using the German language in different settings

Simply contact us for more information on online German courses, and our team will gladly send you the details.

What can you expect from your online German classes?

In all virtual classrooms, you can expect a small group and highly personalised content. In fact, all materials are curated to meet your learning needs. After all, the ultimate aim of language education is communicating in the target language.

  • Live Online German Classes with 5 to 10 participants
  • Interactive video-conferencing and tutoring
  • All in one virtual learning platform
  • Hands on support and coaching
  • Custom work-sheets and assignments

Qualified teachers lead the live online German classes on Zoom. All students gain free access to Zoom when they sign up for the course. This software works on any device and provides an immersive learning experience. Thus, the students can interact with each other and the teacher. Furthermore, with Zoom we can collaborate on a whiteboard, share audio-visual content and exchange worksheets.


What our online German course instructors say:

I’ve always enjoyed sharing my knowledge whether I was asked for my opinion or not. When teaching German online, I can see the progression of my students and it is a great feeling to see their confidence grow. The expression on their face when something makes click and they understand a concept they have been struggling with is simply priceless.

Just about every lesson, we have at least one funny moment in online German courses. Since my students come from all over the world and have different family backgrounds, we experience each others somewhat private surroundings. Everyone’s reaction to suddenly hearing a rooster call or the surprising gong of a grandfather clock certainly count to the funniest moments.

What is blended learning?

Blended learning combines teacher led sessions with self-guided study. Your online German course will be structured around an digital textbook and an accompanying an e-learning platform dedicated to learn the German language online. The learning platform itself engages multiple senses and makes learners think in the target language. Students can learn on their own, or together in the classroom through countless language-enhancing games.

The modular content of our online German courses allow  participants to perform tasks at their own level and speed. Through creating and sending their own modules to the learners, teachers can address personal strengths, weaknesses and learning needs. In fact, worksheets with self-created content is one of the most popular functions among the teachers. MintiCity also checks the homework or test results of participants and gives immediate feedback.

Learn German with real success

An estimated 220 million people speak German in the world. Many international business have operations in Germany. Most companies employ German speaking professionals. Provided that you receive the right language education, you can learn German online with real success and start communicating with other German speakers right away.

Nowadays, working and studying online are part of our daily routine. Unfortunately, it is likely to last for a longer period of time than we first thought, but that doesn’t mean that it’s less entertaining than face-to-face courses. We are proud to run Online German classes with the best German teachers in Berlin. Because our first-class German teachers motivate you to immerse yourself into the German language, even in virtual classrooms, you will definitely learn plenty of new topics such as German culture, new words and common expressions. At DAS Akademie, we have been able to adapt our courses to any situation. The world keeps evolving and so do we!

In addition, everyone who books an online German course at DAS Akademie gets free access to a unique online learning platform for German as a foreign language: MintiCity. Therefore, you can combine independent study with a live online German course, to make sure that you get the most help and support you need to learn German at a high level.

Would you like to try it out? Log into our free online German class and easily learn German online. We are online on Zoom from 16:00 – 19:00 every Mondays and Thursdays.

Online German Classes: Trial lessons

There are free trial lessons for 3 levels – A, B and C levels.

● A (basic level): every Monday at 2 p.m.

●B (intermediate): every Monday at 3 p.m.

●C (advanced): every Thursday at 6 p.m.

How do I join the free session?

Easy! You need a laptop or a smartphone, ideally with a headset. All you need to do is contact us to book a session at your preferred time and you will automatically be registered for an online German class. Once you join the session, our teacher will explain how the online German course works. If you’re happy with how the course is going, we have more great news for you: You can book your course with a 20% discount until the 30th of May.


Can you learn German online for free?

  GGerIn our online courses, we always use the most advanced and most interactive online textbooks. However, we also give you homerwork from websites where you can learn German online for free. In fact, there are hundreds of free materials you can find on the internet to learn German. Wouldn’t it be great if an expert could curate the resources?

What are the best resources to learn German for free?

DAS Akademie’s experienced German teachers test hundreds of web pages for our student. Here, we listed 3 great examples for each German language level. Even though they cannot replace live classes following a course book, the following resources can provide a great supplement for your learning.

Learn A1 German online

For real beginners looking for an A1 German course, we would highly recommend a free German course by Deutsche Welle: Harry.

Free Resources to learn German online If you are an English speaker and cannot follow the course in German, you will find this bilingual course very helpful. The series consist of 100 episodes, 400 interactive exercises online and a vocabulary trainer with more than 3,500 spoken words, all for free. What I found really helpful were the documents with the grammar explanations in English and examples in German from the story about Harry.

To summarise: Harry combines a funny story with minimalistic but expressive animations, really good dialogues, real German with curse words and sayings. The dialogues are not too fast and very easy to follow. There are also great grammar explanations in English with examples from the story. After completing the course, you will be ready for an A2 German course.

Learn A2 or B1 German online

Have you just started with a B1 German course and are you a big Netflix fan? Check out this free online German course:

Free online german resources

This is one of the most authentic learning series we have ever watched. There are 3 seasons! So, if you like it, your German will have been massively boosted by the end of the last episode. The title is “Jojo sucht das Glück.”

From a teacher’s perspective, I wholeheartedly recommend this material to students if they want to learn German online for free. When learning German, remaining consistent is extremely important. That is to say, you need to expose yourself to the language everyday.

Learn B2 or C1 German online

Have you ever heard of Langsam gesprochene Nachrichten? If you understand this, you are at least B2 level in German and understand what Participle 1 is!

It is such a cool idea for intermediate speakers – news slowly spoken. Täglich von Montag bis Samstag aktuelle Tagesnachrichten – langsam und verständlich gesprochen.

What is the most important thing to do if you are student in a C1 German course? Have you ever asked yourself, what can bring you native-like fluency in German? Everyone will answer differently: I need to work on my grammar, read more in German, speak with native speakers… All of this is true and depends on your personal learning history and your most annoying mistakes which you can’t seem to master. As a German teacher, we would recommend that everyone focuses on the spontaneity and flow of the German language. Nothing compares to listening to the daily news in German to improve your language.

We could also endorse the following YouTube channel for all levels in German, because, in our opinion, everyone who wants to learn German will learn a lot here:

It might not be more popular than other channels, but we find it just brilliant: you learn German online in context with a short story, you see the words in English and German and hear a native speaker. Additionally, you can print out all the texts and worksheets and learn German offline or on the go. Wirklich gut gemacht!

Tired of learning German online for free?

Then give us a call at DAS Akademie and one of our teachers will help you find the perfect Online German Course for you!