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Why would should you take part in one of our one-to-one Turkish Classes? Nowadays, the globalisation and emergence of developing countries is leading to an increase in multiculturalism. Moreover, Germany and Turkey share a historical past that still has bearings on the events and demographics of today.

If you would like to speak Turkish like a native or need Turkish language skills on an academic level, enrolling in a one-to-one German course at DAS Akdemie is the right way to go about it! You will benefit from the undivided attention of an expert instructor, and be able to tailor the course content to your individual needs and goals. This could be anything from speaking and listening, to grammar structures!

One-to-One Turkish Classes Overview

In one-to-one Turkish lessons, you decide on the duration, length and pace of your language programme. In addition to this, you will be able to choose which topics are covered in the lesson. For example, if you feel that your listening skills are the weakest area for you, you can make sure that your lessons have more emphasis on that aspect of language. Book as many classes as you like, the more lessons you book, the less you pay per lesson.

We recommend that you take 2 lessons per day, twice per week, so that your progress is consistent. However, we are always flexible, so the lessons can be done at intervals.

1 lesson is 45 minutes

Course textbooks are not included in the prices quoted below. Your instructor will always prepare the most relevant content for you. In the event that you agree on a textbook to use, this should be paid separately. However, in most cases, your teacher will prepare custom handouts and worksheets for you.



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