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One-to-one Spanish lessons

A one-to-one Spanish course is the quickest way to learn the language. You will be able to arrange a time with your instructor which suits you best, and decide together which (if any) course textbooks you will use. You will meet up regularly and the focus will be based on your individual needs, whether that be speaking, listening or grammar structures.


  • focus on personal needs
  • fits your schedule
  • best results in a short amount of time

One to one Spanish lesson features

One to one format

For consistent progress, we recommend you take 2 lessons per day, twice per week. These block sessions can take place at any time between 14:00 and 19:30 CET (Central European Time). We are always flexible, so one-to-one Spanish lessons can also be done in intervals and easily be arranged according to your availability.

1 lesson is 45 minutes. The more you book, the less you pay.

Course levels

Our one-to-one Spanish lessons are available on every level of the CEFR, from the beginners level (A1), all the way to advanced (C2). As you’re the only one student in this type of course, you learn much faster and therefore need 24 lessons (teaching units) to complete one sub-level. In order to make the most of it, we advise you to book 2 lessons, twice a week. With this strategy, you will regularly and consistently absorb new skills which will easily be retained in between lessons.

Course fee (price)

With our one-to-one Spanish lessons, the more you book, the less you pay! Here are the different pricing options for the one-to-one lessons at DAS Akademie:

Please note that the prices for the books or any other materials you may eventually need for the course, are not included in the given prices here.

*1 lesson is equal to 45 minutes

Course Books

To give you the best chances to achieve your goals, we make sure to give you access to the best learning materials. In the one-to-one Spanish lesson, you have the possibility to discuss what materials you’d like to use with your teacher. Together, you will be able to decide whether to use a textbook or not.

Getting started

The best thing about one-to-one lessons is that they can start at any time, whenever you feel the need. Contact us to decide a start date and to schedule your lessons according to your timetable. If you already have some Spanish knowledge, you will need to take part in our free placement test so that we can evaluate your skills and find out which level from the CEFR is the best for you.

Master classes

A new course from DAS Akademie is the masterclass! What is it? Masterclasses are basically private Spanish lessons in a very specific field. Teachers are all native-speakers and professionals in their field. So, if you have to study Spanish for an academic project, a theatre play or to apply to a job, for example, one of our masterclasses is the best course for you!


International Spanish classes in Berlin

Spanish is one of the most popular foreign languages to learn in the world. In a one-to-one Spanish course at DAS Akademie, you will have the opportunity to learn a variety of different dialects, according to your wants and needs. Our teachers make sure that their lessons are tailored to your availability and level of Spanish and will prepare the most appropriate material for you. In a one-to-one course, you will learn Spanish a very short amount of time.

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FAQs for one-to-one Spanish lessons

Why are one-to-one classes different?

The benefit of one-to-one lessons is that your teacher will focus on your personal needs and therefore, be able to teach you more specific skills and faster. Whether you need to be prepared and coached before an exam or simply need to improve your skills, our devoted and native-speaking teachers will help you reach your goal. As our one-to-one Spanish lessons are designed specially for you, you can be sure that you will receive the full attention and support from your teacher.

Who will be my teacher?

If you would like to learn Spanish in a short amount of time with a great personal language instructor, our language school has hand-picked native Spanish teachers to make you speak Spanish in the dialect and variety of your choice.

By taking part in regular one-to-one Spanish lessons with the same teacher each time, you will not only learn material based around set topics, but also simple and everyday interaction skills such as how to interact with rental agencies or any local friends you may have. With this personal support, you will quickly and easily reach your goals and expectations.

Will I always work with the same teacher during my one to one Spanish lessons?

The one-to-one Spanish lesson is a perfect example of the efficiency, as the whole lesson is only based on you! The point again, is to know you and understand what your targets are. This type of course is a perfect strategy to learn fast with the same teacher who knows your level as well as you do. This is the reason why we believe that it is one of the best option for our students to stick with the same teacher right from the start.

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