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One-to-one English lessons

One-to-one English lessons make it possible for you to learn English at a pace which suits you, and are especially beneficial for people who have a busy or changing work schedule. With one-to-one lessons, we offer you the possibility to focus on your own goals, for example you want to prepare for an exam or just improve your accent and pronunciation for everyday situations. In a lesson specifically designed for you at DAS Akademie, you will benefit from:

  • personal language training
  • flexible scheduling
  • quick results

One to one English lesson features

One-to-one format

If you cannot commit to an English course during the day or in the evening, we can save you time and resources with one-to-one English lessons. In these lessons, you decide the schedule, so you can be sure to get quality teaching at a time which is best for you.


24 lessons per sub-level

*1 lesson = 45 minutes


2 lessons per day, 2 days per week. The class can start anytime between 14:00 and 17:30.

Course levels

While taking into consideration your personal goals, we design the one-to-one lesson in line with the Common European Reference Framework for Languages (CEFR). As you are the only student in this course format, you learn faster and are more focused. That’s why completing a sub-level takes half the time in a one-to-one English lesson than it does in our other language courses. The best way to take advantage from it is to book 2 lessons on the same day, twice per week.

Course fee (price)

Find the pricing below for the one-to-one English lessons. As we offer you the possibility to upgrade your level in a short amount of time, the more lessons you book, the less you pay!

*1 lesson is equal to 45 minutes

Course Books

In order to make sure that you master English, we use the best digital and paper resources. Needless to mentin perhaps, our professional teachers will recommend the best course book to match your needs.

Getting started

Interested in taking part in our One-to-one English lessons? Contact us to start any time your trip with our free consultation. If you already speak English, we will invite you to take part in a free placement test. This consists of a short multiple-choice section and an informal chat with one of our instructors, so that we can offer you teaching materials which suit your needs most.

Master classes

What does ‘Masterclass‘ mean? It is a personal English language lesson from the masters – delivered by a teacher with additional qualifications.

Do you need to learn English for acting, using dialects & jargon, preparing for a job interview…? In the same way as the one-to-one lessons, the masterclasses enable you to focus on your goals with highly-qualified teachers in your target field. With the masterclass option, you only need 2 weeks to complete one sub-level.

Learn English one to one, also available online

one to one English lessons online
1-1 english course

One-to-One English course in Berlin

Opting for a one-to-one English course is one of the best ways to refine your skills. Whether you already have some knowledge of English, or you’re a complete beginner, we will make sure you get good teaching for your level. The extra advantage of the private lesson is that you can organise the times. If you have a busy schedule, simply tell us when you’re free and we can find the perfect time. The materials will be entirely appropriate to your level and our professional teachers will provide support and always pay attention to what you want to get out of the course.

If you are aiming for a career in an international setting, you need excellent English skills. DAS Akademie helps you achieve this goal by offering you flexible English classes in Berlin.

private english lessons berlin

FAQs for one-to-one English lessons

What is the difference between one-to one-lessons and group classes?

One-to-one English lessons in Berlin will drive your individual development. In effect, one-to-one language instruction addresses your unique strengths and weaknesses. The scope of the private English lessons can range from preparing you for an exam to improving a certain set of skills. Since the lessons are for you, we guarantee full attention and tailored content to achieve your goals. Would you like to learn English in a group setting? Check out our intensive English course in Berlin. You may be interested in our evening English course Berlin if you are busy during the day!

Who will be my teacher?

Teaching languages is our speciality and our professional team is committed to your learning. DAS Team will provide you with the most relevant teacher to assist you in reaching your goals. In addition, our team brings you and your teacher together for a proper consultation so that the lessons are planned according to your needs and wants.

Will I always work with the same teacher during my one-to-one English lessons?

As long as you commit to the initially agreed training period, your teacher will remain the same – unless there is an important reason for such a change.

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