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Summer is on its way with longer and longer days. Science is on its way too. The 16th Long Night of the Sciences awaits you with a lot of opportunities. Grab your love for science and head to the longest night of the sciences in Berlin this Saturday!

Interestingly, the idea of Long Night of the Sciences takes inspiration from the concept of the event Long Night of Museums in Berlin. Long Night of the Sciences officially took place for the first time in Berlin in 2001. It attracted over 60 000 visitors and has been expanding ever since. Long Night of the Sciences is an annual grand celebration of scientists, researchers and institutes. On this day, they will present their achievements and exchange tons of useful information and knowledge.

Why is it worth visiting Long Night of the Sciences?

This is the longest night for your curiosity. Berlin is famous for technological advancement and research institutes in different areas. As a part of this grand celebration, over 70 universities, universities of applied sciences, institutes and even tech-companies in Berlin and Potsdam open their doors and welcome you to the world of science. Long Night of the Sciences will take you to the endless world of technological advancement, show you the strong connection between technology and human beings.

Long Night of the Sciences appeases your passion for science and technology with a lot of diverse activities. These include experiments, workshops, exhibitions and info booths. Most of them are hold in German. But no worries! The program also includes different activities in English that you can freely enjoy. And you can surely catch a researcher or scientist who speaks fluent English.

Science and technology is no longer a deniable aspect in our life. Take this chance and enjoy human achievement at Long Night of the Sciences right here in Berlin – at the heart of Germany! Regular admission to all venues in Berlin and Postdam costs 14€. Students and trainees can buy their tickets for just 9€.

Long Night of the Sciences at a Glance!

Date and time: 09.06.2018, 17:00-24:00

Location: around 70 universities, research institutes, universities of applied sciences, and technology-oriented companies in Berlin and Potsdam

Admission fee:

  • Adults: 14€
  • Students, trainees, pensioners: 9€
  • Family ticket: 27€

Children under 6 years old: free admission

Official site: Here!


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