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Have you ever had a song stuck in your head? As a result of the catchy tunes and repetition, listening to songs helps you memorise words and phrases that will stick with you for life. Singing along to your favourite tunes will also improve your pronunciati. Therefore, listening to German music might be something to consider for people wanting to learn German in a fun way. Not only that, but you can take music everywhere you go. When going to the shops to pick something up or on your way to work, music is just a click away. DAS Akademie has made a list of 5 German songs from a variety of genres that can help you start your musical language journey.

Nena – 99 Luftballons

Since its release, “99 Luftballons” (99 balloons) became one of the most recognisable German songs in history. In spite of the upbeat and catchy pop vibe of the song, the lyrics serve a deeper meaning. The phrase “99 balloons” presents the image of the dreams and opportunities German people lost to war. The song is a message for freedom and unity.

Herbert Grönemeyer – Bochum

Herbert Grönemeyer is a well-recognised face in the German music industry. To this date, the album “4630 Bochum” (1984) is the third best-selling album in Germany. The first song on the track list “bochum” illustrates Herbert´s love and perception of his hometown Bochum. Although the city does not represent a true beautiful city, it has a special place in his heart.

Die Ärzte – Schrei nach liebe

Schrei nach Liebe” (scream for love) is the first single of Die Ärzte´s album “Die Bestie in Menschengestalt” released in 1993. The punk song was made in the framework of the Riot of Hoyerswerda and serves as a political and anti-fascist anthem.

Udo Jürgen – Mit 66 Jahren

In the song “Mit 66 Jahren” (when you´re 66), Udo Jürgen talks about his desire to turn 66. People usually assume that life goes downhill when you are retired, but Udo reverses this stigma by talking about wanting to leave the stressful environment while discussing the things he wants to do when he finally has the time. One of our teachers at DAS Akademie regularly blasts Udo Jürgen in the classroom – it’s definitely a must listen.

Rammstein – Du Hast

Rammstein is a world-renowned hard-rock group from Berlin. With their song “du hast“, the band conveys an atypical story of a marriage in which the bride hates her groom. When asked if he will be forever faithful to his wife and will love her till death does them apart, he repeatedly responds “no”.

For people wanting an additional push in the right direction in learning German, DAS Akademie offers language courses with an emphasis on speaking. Not only that, but we encourage students to listen to German music and regularly take part in discussion activities based on classic song, which will undoubtedly improve their pronunciation and make their German learning experience fun.