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Websites to learn German online for free? There are tons of free materials you can find on the internet to learn German. DAS Akademie’s experienced German teacher Maria recommends you 3 for each level.

What are the best resources to learn German for free?

Our focus at DAS Akademie is speaking and that is exactly the weak point of all free online German courses we researched and tried out. Even though an online German programme won’t replace a German teacher in terms of one-on-one guidance, it can provide a great supplement for your learning.

For real beginners in German

For real beginners I can really recommend a free German course from Deutsche Welle: Harry.

Free Resources to learn German online If you are an English speaker and can not follow the course just in German, you will find this bilingual course helpful. This online German course consists of 100 episodes, 400 interactive exercises online, a vocabulary trainer with more than 3,500 spoken words. What I found really helpful were the PDFs with the grammar explanations in English and examples in German from the story about Harry.

To summurize: a funny story, minimalistic but expressive animations, really good dialoges, real German with curse words and sayings, not too fast. Grammar explanations in English with examples from the story.

German Online for Levels A2-B1

You have finished A1 and A2 levels in German and you are a Netflix fan? Check this free online German course then:

Free online german resources

This free German course is one of the most authentic learning series I have ever watched.

There are 3 seasons! So if you like it, your German will be perfect by the end of the series “Jojo sucht das Glück”.

From a teacher’s perspective, I wholeheartedly recommend this material to learn German online for free.

German Online for Levels B2-C1

Have you ever heard of Langsam gesprochene Nachrichten? If you understand this, you are definitely B level in German and understand what Participle 1 is!

It is such a cool thing – news slowly spoken. Täglich von Montag bis Samstag aktuelle Tagesnachrichten – langsam und verständlich gesprochen.

What is the most important thing to do if you are a B2-C1 student? Have you ever asked yourself, what can bring you a native-like fluency in German? Everyone will answer differently: I need to work on my grammar, read more in German, speak with native speakers… All is true and depends on your personal learning history and your fossilized mistakes. As a German teacher, I can recommend everyone to focus on the spontaneity and flow of the German language. Nothing compares to listening to the daily news in German to learn German online for free .

In this article, I would like to endorse only one you-tube channel for all levels in German, because in my opinion everyone who is learning German will learn a lot with this channel:

It might not be more popular than other channels, but I found it just brilliant: you learn German online in context with a short story, you see the words in English and German and hear a native speaker, you can print out all the texts and worksheets and learn German offline. Wirklich gut gemacht!

Tired of learning German online for free?

Then give us a call at DAS Akademie and one of our teachers will make you fit in an  online German course in the shortest possible amount of time.