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Are you still looking for the best language school to learn German in Berlin? Check out one German class at DAS Akademie before making up your mind! Our first-rate instructors will offer you a free and complete language assessment before recommending you the right level. After that, you can participate in a 2.5 hours German course on the house.

What could be even better? How about having one week added to your registration as a gift if you decide to continue? Wow, that’s what we call an Easy Start! Just grab your opportunity to learn German in Berlin, the easy way!

EasyStart Weeks: Learn German in Berlin at DAS Akademie

DAS Akademie, Deutsche Akademie für Sprachen, is a different kind of language school where instructors do not just stand, speak and write on the board. Those who have learned German with our participatory programs testify to the effectiveness of the language education we offer. Still, we know that some prefer to experience the course dynamics themselves before taking a decision. Especially because we are quite the learner-centered, fun-loving and speaking-oriented bunch. Therefore, we now offer you the unique opportunity to see what German lessons at DAS Akademie feel like.

Come to DAS Akademie during our opening hours to take your free placement test and to book your free class. If you register to one of our evening courses right after the free class, we will add one more week to your tuition period. If you register to an intensive course, we will add 2 more days to your registration. This limited offer applies to registrations of 4 weeks and above.