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Language Programs & Courses in Berlin

German language courses

German Language Courses

German courses in Berlin with proven success. Learn German in Germany or online with a suitable schedule. Click here to discover the details of our German language programs and prices.


Spanish Language Courses

Hablar español? If you take a Spanish course in Berlin at DAS Akademie, we will make you speak Spanish in just a few weeks. Browse our Spanish courses to find the best weekly schedule.

English Language Courses

Above all, learning English in the international capital of Germany will make you speak! By clicking here, will find a full list of our English courses in Berlin.

Turkish Language Courses

Turkish language courses from the most qualified instructors. As a matter of fact, all our Turkish teachers are native speaking experts from Istanbul. Visit our catalogue here for courses and prices.

About the Language Courses


We offer different language programmes to choose from. Each of them are unique and meet different needs. Whether intensive or semi-intensive, all courses run in the mornings, afternoons or the evenings. If you have time to focus on your learning, then you can quickly reach your goals in our intensive courses. If you work during the day, then our evening courses are the right choice. You can learn German, English, Spanish or Turkish with the best instructors in small groups. Moreover, all courses feature a strong focus on developing speaking skills. In fact, our motto is “We make you speak!”In all courses, you will learn the target language effortlessly, because the fun and welcoming environment in our language school will help you relax and enjoy the learning process. Our desk team is available for a free consultation in case you cannot find what you are looking for. Just send us a message and we will organise everything, including:

  • Finding the right timetable to match your needs
  • Tips on acquiring a language student visa
  • Support in finding an accommodation in Berlin
  • A free language assessment to find the right level
  • Answering your questions on settling down in Berlin
  • Finding activities to enhance your learning experience
  • Making friends to practice your language skills

Other Languages

Italian, French, Russian, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic or other languages are also thought at DAS Akademie on one to one basis. Furthermore, courses are offered to groups of 3 and more participants immediately.

Our language school in Berlin opens new language programs every month, some of which are not listed in the overview above. If you would like to receive a specific kind of training and cannot find information on it, just contact us and we will offer you the most suitable course.Below, you will find a few examples of unique courses we have been offering on demand:


  • Business German Courses
  • Business English Courses
  • Turkish for Academic Purposes
  • German Grammar Courses
  • German Courses for Mothers with Babies
  • German Courses for Acting

Let’s Learn Together!

Contact us for more information on our ongoing and upcoming courses. New courses start every week.

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