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Need a few language learning tips? “I have been learning German (Spanish, English, Turkish etc.) for years, but feel still stuck when I have to speak in a real situation.” Sounds familiar? We hear this almost every day at our language school in Berlin.

Language Learning Tips

The old school method is what makes speaking very hard. It is hard, partly because the beginner and basic level language courses are mostly spent reading, writing and listening, instead of speaking. Adults’ tendency to overanalyze everything gives you the other part. You understand but can not speak.

In our language school in Mitte, we make students speak for 70% of the time in an intensive course. Their great results are immediately visible.

You can also contribute to your success in improving your English, German or Spanish by using our language learning tips.

Take little steps, but do it often

Set 2 or 3 realistic goals per day for your  German, English, Spanish or Turkish. For example, saying “einen Kaffee, bitte” oder “Danke, stimmt so” will help you more in using your new language confidently than studying the old school way 2 hours per week.

Use your time gaps for quick language moments

Waiting for die U-Bahn or Tram, or waiting in a Café? Listen to people around you or catch 1 word or 1 phrase, write it down and use it asap.

Keep it relevant

You will start speaking German, English, Spanish or Turkish only when it is relevant. It is the first step to get you talking, even if you are able to say “Danke” or ” Ich hätte gern ..”

DAS secret language learning tips

We and the science know: the more you speak, the quicker you learn. That’s why in our German courses in Berlin or other languages courses we focus on real, relevant conversations. Mistakes are great – just like in the case of German, Berliners will appreciate your effort and if you ask for it, they will correct you.

Do not stick to your book

Videos, apps, dictionaries, downloads – all this is OK, but they do not make you speak the language you learn. You need to get out there and speak the language with new friends… Where? Well, what better place than a language course to make new friends? The best is, of course, when you have great facilitators who make you speak, like we do at DAS!