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Hey museum lovers, let’s celebrate your passion this May!

Since 1978, the annual International Museum Day has been a highlight for museum lovers from all over the world. On this day, the museums offer a great deal of opportunities to explore the cultural output of human civilisation. It is also an occasion for professionals and artists to meet publicly and take part in exchanges regarding the issues which museums and art are now faced with in everyday society.

Over 6,500 museums in Germany participate in this celebration. This is an impressive number, but free admission is the real highlight for the visitors. DAS Akademie regularly takes language students to visit museums and get involved in many of their interactive attractions. It is a great opportunity to discover Berlin’s background of its culture, history, art, music and many other exciting factors. Don’t miss this special date! After the Coronavirus pandemic, artists and museums need us to visit and support them more than ever.

Fortunately, in Berlin, you can visit more than a hundred museums specialised in art, culture and history. If you are new to Berlin, make sure to not miss out on the Museum Island in the Mitte district – a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Altes Museum, Neues Museum, Alte Nationalgalerie, Bode Museum, Pergamon Museum and Humboldt Forum are all located in Mitte. As well as that, you can explore unique European painting masterpieces at the Nationalgalerie or learn about the timeline of German history at Deutsches Historisches Museum. Finally, museums are trying to make their exhibits original so that you can experience history in the best possible way. Special events, workshops, talks and of course guided tours are planned for this International Museum Day.

If you want to learn about history, art and culture, it’s time to go! International Museum Day is taking place on the 16th May 2021. More information can be found on the official site of International Museum Day run by the International Council of Museum (ICOM) Deutschland.

International Museum Day at a Glance

Here are the details of the International Museum Day:

Date and time: 16.05.2021, all day

Location: over 100 museums in Berlin

Admission fee: Free