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Our Intensive English Courses in Berlin combine quick progress with proven results. In our Berlin English language school, you will learn in an inspiring environment where quality and personalised attention come first. Everything here will make your English learning experience memorable. Additionally, you will have abundant opportunities to practice your skills at the international heart of Germany.

Intensive English Class Features

DAS Akademie, a forerunner in teaching foreign languages, offers English courses for every purpose. Moreover, DAS Team prioritises the needs and wishes of every student. From beginners level to advanced, our Intensive English Courses in Berlin will pick you up from where you are and take you to exactly where you want to be. Unless you are an absolute beginner, you can start anytime, because our well-designed placement test will ensure that you join the right class at the right time. By the end of the course, not only will you communicate more effectively, but you will also broaden your horizons.

Our Intensive English Courses in Berlin feature native English-speaking teachers from English speaking countries with educational know-how. In other words, they will help you improve your pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary, right from the very first lesson. The lessons will keep you engaged with a full range of activities, just so that you can learn English by having fun. Moreover, we will keep you posted on any English speaking events in Berlin, such as the Saint Patrick’s Day.

Course Schedule & Dates

In our intensive English courses, a new level (such as A2.1, A2.2, B1.1, B1.2, B2.1 or B2.2) starts on the first Monday of each month. One sub-level, such as B1.1, takes 4 weeks to complete and the group then moves onto the next sub-level.

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12 lessons* per week, 4 days per week, 3 lessons per day

Monday through Thursday, 10:00 – 12:30 daily

*1 lesson is equal to 45 minutes

Just like our intensive German course in Berlin, our English Courses are uniquely designed for a refreshing and effective learning process. The classes run every morning, from Monday to Thursday. You will receive 3 lessons per day, which makes 12 lessons per week. After only 4 weeks, you will reach the next sub-level.

Intensive English Course Fee (Prices)

*The total price excludes the course book and the 60,-€ registration fee for applications outside of Germany.

The best place to learn English? This question might open way to a long and complicated discussion. Some say the UK, because English was born there. Some vote for the States and the American dream. How about learning English in a city where English is not the first language? How about learning English in Berlin? It can’t be impossible! Here we go!

Berlin has everything you need

What is more interesting than learning English from those people who also speak English as the secondary language? At first, it will be more challenging. However, straight roads never make skilful drivers. If you step out of your comfort zone and confront those rough rocks, you will accomplish things you have never ever expected. In time, you will see that learning English in Berlin is easy.

Learning English in such non-English speaking cities as Berlin is not an exception. Starting to speak out an English word is challenging, yet motivations and inspiration will come right after. Courage come from those who are trying to communicate with you in English. They come from those who are mastering their second tongue as you are doing. They come from cases in which you have no choice than speaking English. All you need is an environment where opportunities are abundant. That is why many people choose learning English in Berlin.

Learning English in Berlin

Berlin is now a cross-cultural hub of history, culture, business and technology

Moreover, time has turned challenges into opportunities. Berlin has been famous for its rich history, culture and technological progress. The city has already welcomed over 350000 international students to its 4 public universities as well as more than 30 colleges. By doing so, it has exceeded its 2020 goal.

Humboldt University of Berlin, Free University of Berlin and Technical University of Berlin are among the top 100 of World University Ranking in 2018 by The Times Higher Education. It also means the city is now more diverse with well-qualified students coming from different backgrounds and cultures. Catching an English word is no more a struggle in Berlin. Also, the internationalization in higher education in Berlin benefits English learners with extraordinary culture exchange. Learning English in Berlin has never been easier!

Speak English daily in an intensive language course in Berlin

Learning English Berlin

Speak English with your own accent

In such a diverse city, there is no doubt you are surrounded by people coming from a wide range of cultures. Each speaks English in their own way, with different accents. Crossing them, you should build your confidence in your English and speak your way. Our intensive English courses welcome people from all over the world to whom you can relate to and with whom you can practise speaking with no restraints.

Our English language school in Berlin believes that speaking shall be the starting point for learning a new language. In our classrooms, we share interesting stories about who we are, play games and sometimes even sing! Most importantly, we have fun while learning. That’s just how we make you speak English fluently.

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