Humboldt University Berlin

Berlin is one of the world’s leading centers of higher education and research. In Germany, the city is renowned for having the highest number of universities and higher education centers. There are 4 state universities and around 27 private higher education centers in Berlin. The most famous of these four state universities  is, of course, the Humboldt University.

Humboldt University Berlin: Europe’s Forerunner

Founded by Friedrich Wilhelm in 1811, this university is the oldest in Berlin. The higher education model it pioneered has been a source of inspiration for other universities around the world. Therefore, it is also referred to as the “mother of all universities.” Many famous scholars, including Albert Einstein, have chosen this institution as their workplace. The Humboldt University, where 41 Nobel Prize-winning academics either received or gave education, is among the best universities in Europe. In the field of social sciences, it is one of the most prestigious institutions in the world. Today, the university’s four faculties  offer 189 courses to 34,000 students.

A Day in the Life of a Humboldt Student

The main campus of the University of Humboldt is located at the city center, in Mitte. When you enter the garden of the main building, you see the statue of Wilhelm von Humboldt, the founder of the university. There are stalls selling second hand books on both sides of the statue. As soon as you enter from the main door, Karl Marx’s words greet you: “Philosophers have only interpreted the world; but the point is to change it. “It is possible to see the traces of other famous thinkers who were studying or working here. Despite being such a long-established and old institution, the staff uses the most contemporary educational methods and tools in bright and spacious classrooms of today.

During the summer, the students of Humboldt University either study or relax in the green backyard. They can find books on any subject in the libraries of the university. The university has a main library, but each branch features its own. Six million volumes are at the students’ disposal at any moment. Over 200,000 e-books, 16,000 articles and 200 databases are on their fingertips. The dishes in Humboldt’s canteens are of good quality and budget-friendly.

If you have a good academic background, you have countless reasons to choose this university. You can take advantage of their international student service to learn more about studying at Humboldt University Berlin. If you would like to attend German courses in Berlin as a preparation for academic studies, you can find more information on these pages.