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As many newcomers in Berlin coming from non-German speaking countries, I once had troubles ordering food and drinks at a restaurant. While you want people to understand you, it might be difficult to express yourself freely with limited German knowledge. This can possibly cause anxiety because you are afraid to get misunderstood. Today, I will teach you the basics on how to order in German.

How to order in German? – Entering

First off, when you walk into a restaurant and want to be seated, you can ask the waiter/waitress for a table for ”2“ (or any other number) with the following sentence:

Ein Tisch für zwei, bitte.

Likewise, you can go to a table and ask if the seats are taken by saying:

Sind diese Plätze noch frei?

In case, you have made a reservation, you can inform the waiter/waitress by stating:

Ich habe eine Reservierung um (number) Uhr.


Once you sat down and are ready to look at the food and drink options, you can ask the waiter/waitress for the menu by saying the following:

Kann ich die Speisekarte bitte anschauen?

At a restaurant there are always some daily specials. If you want to retrieve more information about these specials, you can ask:

Gibt es eine Tageskarte?

For the wine lovers out there, the following sentence might be helpful.

Kann ich die Weinkarte bitte anschauen?

(May I please see the wine list?)

Ordering in German

After you take a thorough look at the menu and decide what you want to get, you can ask to order by saying the following:

Wir möchten etwas zum Essen bestellen.

When ordering food, you can keep it simple by asking the waiter/waitress:

Ich hätte (food option) gern.

(I would like (food option).)

In case you want to use a more advanced sentence, you could say the following:

Ich nehme (food option) als Vorspeise.

(I will take (food option) as a starter.)

Als Hauptgericht hätte ich (dish option) gern.

(As the main dish, I would like (dish option.)

Zum Dessert hätte ich gern (desert option).

(As desert, I would like to have (desert option.)

How to order in German?


Once you finished your meal and are ready to pay, you can ask for the bill by asking the waiter/waitress the following:

Die Rechnung, bitte!

Depending whether you like to pay together or separately, it might be interesting to know the words “zusammen” (together) or “getrennt” (separately).

While these tips will help you get through a night at a restaurant in Berlin, following German classes will help you feel more secure in your every day life. DAS Akademie is a boutique language school that emphasizes on speaking more fluently. Find out more about upcoming German courses at DAS Akademie Berlin.