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Berlin has a lot of great places to offer and fun things to do, not only for its habitants but also for tourists. As a tourist however, you don’t always know the special places that make Berlin so interesting. Here we listed some hidden spots in Berlin for tourists to try out.

Hidden spot: Teledisko

Berlin is host to the smallest club in the world. Yes, not the best, biggest, or loudest, but smallest. This club is inside an old phonebooth. Maximum capacity? Three people. Price? 2 euros. You simply enter your song on the screen, put in your coins, and dance like there is no tomorrow! The Teledisko has an integrated photo/video system which allows you to capture the moment forever. You pay another 2 euros for this function and is not obligatory. Either way, I`m sure that it is still one of the cheapest parties you’ve been to! Currently there are 2 booths scattered around Berlin, one in Mexico City and also 3 that are available for renting, for your own miniparty wherever you want in the world! This secet hidden spot moves around Berlin constantly, so keep an eye out!

Berlin’s Mauerpark Fleamarket

As second, I want to share one of the more unique fleamarkets that you find in Berlin. There are a couple of fleamarkets in Berlin but the one at Mauerpark is certainly worth a visit. Spending the whole day eating at the many delicious stands, browsing through vintage clothing, records and anything you can think of. There are beergardens and many socializing opportunities. Handmade jewels by the locals and fabrics in all colors. On the fleamarket of Mauerpark, you will definitely find some hidden gems. Every Sunday you can visit the market, where The Wall used to be. This is one of the best hidden spots in Berlin that tourists can visit!

The secret Karaoke at Mauerpark

Next, we have our most local attraction on the list, in case you are looking for that experience. A popular local attraction is the karaoke at Mauerpark every Sunday evening. An openair-spectacle where people sing/yell their favorite songs in front of hunderds of people. Everybody gathers around in ‘The Bearpit’ and can volunteer to sing, it does not matter if you are a local or a tourist, anybody who is brave enough to pick up the microphone can give it a shot. We recommend spending the day at the fleamarket in Mauerpark before settling down and enjoying the singing. Keep an eye on the facebook page for special announcements or events happening! It is maybe a hidden spot, but once the singing begins, it is hard for these artists to stay hidden!

Berlin’s Neukölln

Our next ‘secret spot’ on the list is actually not so hidden. It is hard to hide the whole of Neukölln. It used to be one of the more poor places in Berlin, but now it redeemed itself and is the place to be. Get lost in all the streets and explore the coffeeshops, art galleries and bars. In this neighbourhood, you find a lot of expats from abroad and internationals overall. If hanging out with young people isn’t your thing, do not worry, there is still a visit-worthy place in Neukölln. Schillerpromenade is an abandomed airport that has been transformed to a public space to hang with friends, go for a run, or simply enjoy the sunshine in the summer.

The best way to get to know all the hidden spots in Berlin for tourists is still by befriending a local and convince them to take you around Berlin. In case you are also interested in learning German while being in Berlin, make sure to check out our German courses.

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