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Over the years, podcasts have become increasingly popular because of how easy it is to listen to them on the go. When learning a new language, you want it to be in a immersive and entertaining way. Podcasts do just that by offering a big selection of fun and inquisitive audio fragments to listen to. Even if you’re not already taking part in a language course, learning German through podcasts will be extremely helpful for everyone. Below, we will discuss why podcasts are the perfect platform to learn a language.

Unlike videos, listening to something without a visual stimulus is designed to help you improve your oral communication. Furthermore, they help you see the vocabulary in context and improve motivation because yo,u as a listener, are able to choose the topic yourself. Other than the learning aspects, most podcasts are free of charge and are built to suit the life of a busy person. You can listen to them when commuting, working out or during any other activity.

Beginners German podcasts

For people without any prior knowledge in German, the podcast “Learn German by Podcast” might be a good starting point. The podcast introduces you to new vocabulary in a role-play scenario. After listening to this, you will be able to order in German at your favourite restaurant, talk about your family and your plans for the evening in a matter of days. Other good podcasts for beginners include “Coffee Break German”, “German Pod 101” and “The Easy German Podcast“.

Intermediate podcasts

For intermediate learners, the podcast ‘Learn German Vocabulary by Language Addicts’ might be something interesting to check out. During each episode, the host focuses on vocabulary in one certain area. Other interesting podcasts include “Deutsche Welle Warum Nicht” which specialises in basic to lower-intermediate level learning.

Advanced German podcasts

Elementarfragen” is a podcast channel that talks about more serious, in-depth topics such as Chernobyl and the Red Army. The episodes generally last 1 to 2 hours and include opinions and facts from experts. Another podcast worth checking out is “SBS German”. During their episodes, the host talks about current affairs and heavily emphasises the world’s most important subjects. Examples of episodes include the World Cup, staying healthy and the taboo of “death”.

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