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German Language Course Visa Support

If you wish to come to Germany to learn German in Berlin, you will need to obtain a German language course visa. Before applying for this visa, you will need a written confirmation for a pre-booked and prepaid language course in Germany. DAS Akademie will happily provide you with this document upon registration. Please note that there is a difference between the visa for attending a language course and a study preparation visa. Both of these, however, require a registration for an official language course.

German Language Visa Courses

In order to qualify for a German language course visa, you would need to sign up for an Intensive German Course. The intensive German course at DAS Akademie consists of 20 lessons per week (10:00 – 13:15 each day), lasts 4 weeks in total, and is internationally recognised by German embassies across the world. The main reason you are coming to Germany with a German language course visa is to learn the local language. Therefore, an intensive programme would be the perfect choice for you. You will learn about the German language and culture in a small class and at a quick pace, but still slow enough for you to take everything in and make the most of it.

Therefore, DAS Akademie can provide you with visa support so that you can make it to Germany and embark on your language-learning journey. After you have registered for an Intensive German Course in Berlin at DAS Akademie and have paid the course fee in full, we will send you an official confirmation of this. You will then need to forward the confirmation in its original form to the country’s responsible authority.

Below is a brief summary of all the things you need in preparation for the the German language course visa application process.  This is part of our visa support service – a system in which our staff are able to provide you with the most up-to-date details and the best advice according to your circumstances.

Language Study Visa

Application for a visa for learning the German language

Please visit the Federal Foreign Office website for more information about visa support and the entry into the Federal Republic of Germany. You can also contact the German Embassy in your region to explain your individual situation and maybe receive an insight into the process based on this.

The following basic requirements are needed in preparation for the issuing of German language course visas:

  • Proof of financial security during your stay in the Federal Republic of Germany
  • No public funds may be used during the visit
  • A valid passport with at least 2 empty visa pages and which is no more than 10 years old
  • Confirmed registration or certificate of enrolment in the language course
  • Health insurance
  • Proof of accommodation
  • 2 recently taken portrait photographs (see guidelines below)
  • 3 photocopies of the passport ID pages
  • A motivational letter about why you are attending a language course
  • An official letter of leave from the employer (signed and stamped), for employees
  • Proof of a paid visa fee (60€)
  • Any previous Schengen visas (if applicable)

If you cannot finance your journey and stay alone, it is possible for a host, who must officially be a registered resident in the Federal Republic of Germany, to take on responsibility for all costs during your trip. The Department of Immigration is responsible for this procedure.

Always check with the German Embassy

If you wish to apply for a German Language Course visa, remember to always double check with the German Embassy in your country that you have the right documents and that you qualify for the visa.

If you have further questions about applying for a German language visa, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.