German Courses for Beginners in Berlin

Are you looking for German courses for beginners in Berlin? Our next intensive German course A1.1 and evening German course A1.1 are kicking off on the 05.03.18 at 10 a.m. Take your chance and attend our Intensive German Course or Evening German Course for beginners.

Our German Courses for Beginners in Berlin

Start in German is “Anfang.” Make your “Anfang” at an established language school with 20 years of experience. Our unique method will ensure that you will learn German effectively and without gaps. Moreover, your language skills will be recognised across Europe.

A1.1 level is fundamental for further language learning. You cannot build upon a shaky fundament. This German intensive course for beginners will get you speak German from the very first lesson. However, we offer more at our language school in Berlin Mitte. Regular meetups and outings with your classmates will create the right environment to learn German in Berlin.

What makes German courses at DAS different?

If you had German classes elsewhere before, you might have the same complaints as many of our students previously had:

  • “There were 15 people in my class. I barely learned anything.”
  • “I never get enough time to speak.”
  • “Most German teachers do just the book and grammar.”

In all german courses at the DAS Akademie, intensive or evening, our talented teachers teach you German by using creative activities and you apply what you’ve learned in a relevant (for you!) context.

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