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German Course Levels

No matter what level of language you can already speak or whether you’ve had lessons before, one of our German Course Levels will definitely suit you! We design all our courses around the CEFR Framework, so that your certificate and level of language will be recognised across the whole of Europe.

German Course Levels at DAS Akademie

As you can see in the table below, we are very flexible when it comes to course times. A new course starts at least every two weeks, so there will always be a good time for you to join! You can join for as many lessons as you like, whether that be just for one sub-level, or to complete an entire German-learning journey!

German Course levels

To complete every German Course Level, you will need 48 weeks of intensive classes. This is possible, however we only accept registrations for A1.1 – C1.2 at the beginning, as any level above C2 is described as native-like proficiency, and would require you to spend time in Germany and pick up the culture, as well as taking lessons. When you have had this vital experience, we would love to welcome you back to deepen your knowledge further in a C2.1 German course.

Intensive courses are also our so-called visa courses, designed for people who would like visit Germany for a year or less to learn the German language. If you opt for one of these, you will undertake 20 lessons per week in a group of 6 to 10 participants, or 15 lessons per week in a mini group of 4 to 5. Here, the strategy is simple: the lower the number of students and the higher the number of teaching hours, the more time you have to personally discuss and work towards your goals with your language instructor. However, your registration will always be for a course with 20 lessons per week as required by German Embassies worldwide.

For an our courses, you can book any amount of weeks you like, from one to ten. If you are only going to be in Berlin for three weeks, for example, you are more than welcome to just join a course for three weeks. Please do bear in mind, however, that it takes four weeks to complete a sub-level in an intensive course, and ten weeks in an evening course. Therefore, we would recommend trying to stay for as much of it as possible.

Course Prices

*4 weeks cost 445€, 8 weeks cost 830€, 12 weeks cost 1210€

**4 weeks costs 198€, 10 weeks cost 400€

So, the more you book, the less you pay per week, and therefore per level.

Intensive German Course Prices

Check out our Intensive German Course page to see a more detailed price list, so that you can work out the perfect amount of lessons for you.

Evening German Course Prices

If you have a busy day schedule but still want to learn a language, have a look at our Evening German Courses for more information.

The course fees exclude the price of any textbooks or course materials which are arranged between the tutor and their students.