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German Course Berlin: German Classes

From beginning to the end, you will learn German like a genius in our leading German course in Berlin. To all intents and purposes, we offer the most effective and enjoyable German classes. And for all that, we also guarantee fair prices for the best quality.

Course Dates & Prices

German Classes in Berlin

Berlin is vibrant, cultured and dynamic, so there’s no better place to take a German language course. In our central Berlin language school, we offer a range of German classes for learners of all ages and levels.


German Course

DAS Akademie has been running German courses for over 22 years and seen thousands of students complete a German Course in Berlin. We have a speaking-based teaching method which guarantees success.

Schedules & Prices

No matter what your schedule is, one of our German classes will certainly suit you. We offer German courses in different time-slots,  mornings (10:00 – 13:15), afternoons (17:30 – 19.00)  and evenings (19:00 – 21:30).

What are the German Course Levels at DAS Akademie?

In our German courses, we offer all German Language Levels from beginner to proficient. In fact, you can sign up for any course you like, at any time. If you already have existing knowledge of German, we invite you to take part in a free placement test. All of our courses are designed in line with the Common European Framework or Reference for languages (CEFR), meaning that your course certificate will be recognised across Europe.



The first level of six. In this course you will learn the essential German words and sentences.

Find out more about A1 German Course



The first level of the intermediate phase. Start learning the more complex aspects of German.

Find out more about B1 German Course



C1 is the start of the advanced phase. Now,  you will be using German in everyday life.

Find out more about C1 German Course



By completing a german course at this level, you will be at the end of the beginner phase.

Find out more about A2 German Course

B2 German courses in Berlin


The start of this German course is the halfway point. At the end, you will be a very able speaker.

Find out more about B2 German Course



The last level. This is for people who are living or working in Germany full-time.

Find out more about C2 German Course

Duration of each level

Intensive German courses are also our so-called visa courses, designed for people who would like visit Germany for a year or less to learn the German language. If you opt for one of these, you will undertake 20 lessons per week in a group of 6 to 10 participants, or 15 lessons per week in a mini group of 4 to 5. Here, the strategy is simple: the lower the number of students and the higher the number of teaching hours, the more time you have to personally discuss and work towards your goals with your language instructor. However, your registration will always be for a course with 20 lessons per week as required by German Embassies worldwide.

To complete all the course levels starting in an A1 German course, you will need 48 weeks of intensive classes. This is possible, however we only accept registrations until the end of level C1 at the beginning, as step above is described as native-like proficiency, and would require you to spend time in Germany and pick up the culture, as well as taking lessons. When you have had this vital experience, we would love to welcome you back to deepen your knowledge further in a C2 German course.

If you have a busy day schedule but still want to learn a language, have a look at our Evening German Courses for more information. Please do bear in mind, however, that while it takes four weeks to complete a sub-level with intensive classes, it takes ten weeks with evening classes. Our course prices page includes more pricing options.

International German Language Courses

You have just found the insiders’ tip for German course Berlin! Learn German in Berlin at DAS Akademie and enjoy the best international diversity in a boutique language school. By clicking on the course names below, you can access the times, dates and prices of different German language courses specifically designed for an international audience:

German Courses in Berlin

Learn German in Berlin

Berlin’s German course with flair and proven success. In fact, our concept is simple:

  • Outstanding teachers
  • Speaking comes first
  • Great group dynamics

Ultimately, any of our Berlin German language courses is a product of a carefully designed learning plan. That is to say, the course content, materials and activities are  relevant, effective, and tailored to your needs. As a result, learning German in Berlin at DAS Akademie is a great experience at a fair price.

If you already speak some German, you can join one of our German language courses anytime. During our free skills assessment, we will take the time to get to know you and assess your existing knowledge. Most importantly, we will understand your goals and address your needs. The registration process is fast and stress-free. Our team are also happy to provide hands on support to students who are abroad and have questions about finding an accommodation or visa support. Everything you would expect from a truly international German course.

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Student Reviews

Achieve Greatness!

DAS Akademie has an unmatched reputation in teaching the German language.

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Intensive Course

One level takes 4 weeks to complete. Once you start, you can move onto to subsequent levels in the same group. As a general rule, the classes run Monday through Friday in the mornings.

Do you need a confirmation of enrolment in a qualifying German language course for a study preparation residence permit or language study visa? Our program fully recognised and fulfil the right criteria.

Evening Course

Our evening German courses in Berlin are ideal for those who have time in the evenings. A fun learning atmosphere after a long day at work will keep you motivated and engaged.

As an evening student, you will not only benefit from highly energising  German classes, but also receive compensating days for planned absences such as holidays and work trips. Our team will also send you your homework if you ever have to miss a lesson.

Business Course

Our Business German courses in Berlin for have been chosen by many of the leading companies in Berlin. Some of our partners prefer holding tailored German classes in their own premises while others choose to book existing courses. Either way, we will be able to find the perfect course for you and your team.

If you would like to recommend our courses to your employees, we would gladly offer a discount to each of them as part of our partnership programme.

German classes

Students speak in our German classes.

Private Classes

Private German classes, or one to one German lessons, are not only great way to make rapid progress, but also a means to close knowledge gaps. DAS Akademie will offer private sessions to help you catch up on missed classes or to accommodate your busy working schedule.

Exam Preparation

German courses at DAS Akademie provide a complete language training for any purpose. After taking part in our German classes, you will be prepared to take any exam for your new language. Among our Google reviews, you will find many testimonies from students who learned German with us and passed either TestDAF, TELC or Goethe-Zertifikat Exams successfully.


Here are 5 reasons why you should do a German course in Berlin at DAS Akademie:


1: Professional guidance

German is a language with a complex grammar structure that can feel very intimidating from the beginning. The best way to overcome the initial fear is to start off your journey with the help of experienced teachers. Our instructors are experts in the material and can make these tough structures become second nature, to the point where you don’t even have to think about them when you’re speaking. At any given rate, they know how to explain everything so that you can quickly start speaking yourself.

Learn German in Berlin

Learn German in Berlin

2: A lot of speaking

We encourage you to speak A LOT of German. The combination of attending a German course in Berlin and joining our free events will mean you are fully immersed in the German language. During the classes, you will have plenty of opportunities to talk to the other students about everyday topics. Our hand-picked teachers can also help you out with the pronunciation of words to make sure you get it right the first time.

3: Organisational benefits

From the minute you register to our German course Berlin, you don’t have to worry about a thing. As a matter of fact, you just have to attend your German classes and participate during the lessons. You don’t have to plan anything else and you can enjoy your stress-free journey to fluent German. Needless to say, we will keep track of your weekly progress and regularly contact you with additional tips.

4: Access to good study material

Never underestimate the importance of good language learning resources. For a beginner, it can be tricky to to gain access to good textbooks or websites. With a German course at DAS Akademie, the teacher will give you tips based on your individual language skills. Our Pinterest and Facebook pages are also full of extra tips and exercises to support our students. Our experts in Berlin have the knowledge to provide you with quality reading and listening material that will help you thrive.

5: Motivation

Last but not least; motivation! Attending one of our acclaimed German courses in Berlin will have a huge positive impact on your motivation to study German. This is all because our team is made up of the friendliest language teachers and staff out there.