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German Conversation Course in Berlin

A German Conversation Course in Berlin is the right choice for all who would like to improve their speaking skills through regular interaction – because practice makes perfect. In fact, learning a language and speaking the language with confidence are two completely different stories. With this in mind, we offer our German conversation classes in Berlin:


  • complete focus on speaking
  • vocabulary, idioms & figures of speech
  • practice accent and intonation

German Conversation Course Features

Course format


4 weeks


Mondays & Wednesday or Tuesdays & Thursdays, between 19:00 and 21:30

Class Size:

6 – 12 participants

Remember to check out our intensive German course in Berlin or our evening German course Berlin! Both these options feature a great emphasis on the development of conversational skills.

Course levels

German conversation classes in Berlin are available from uper-intermediate (B2) German level. However, these courses do not follow the Common European Reference Framework (CEFR) in a strict sense and aim at improving everyone’s skills to the best of their ability.

Course fee (price)

The below-mentioned prices include the cost of the teaching materials.


Course Books

In order to make your conversation courses as interactive as possible, you will use different resources instead of course books. Moreover, we will offer customised handouts to address your personal areas of improvement.

Getting started

The German conversation course in Berlin is also open to all learners with existing German skills. As a rule, a new classes can be offered as soon as we have 4 participants with similar skills. If you can speak some German, you can register after a free placement test.

Online German Conversation Course

Just like our face to face classes, all our online German classes are excellent online German conversation courses. Please contact our team to request more information and let them help you get started immediately.

See the results of our German Conversation courses:

German Conversation Course in Berlin

German conversation course in Berlin

This German conversation course is dedicated to improving speaking skills. Analysing grammatical structures is not the focus of the program. Instead, our curriculum covers a variety of subjects related to everyday situations. Participants share their opinions or ideas on these topics in pairs or group discussions, mostly through games or role plays. Vocabulary, idioms and figures of speech are, of course, central to the course. In addition, our German conversation classes unlock the right body language, gestures and intonation that goes with the German language. Dialects and accents from different regions will be one of the many interesting topics you will tackle during the program. Therefore, you will find it easier to understand the spoken language and even imitate Berlinerisch, Kölsch or Bayerisch if you wish. Our German conversation classes cover it all.

german conversation courses in berlin or online

German Conversation class schedule

The biggest challenge is speaking like a native, understanding the German spoken on the street or thinking and verbalising in German. It is quite common that most learners listen, read and write really well, but they face tons of difficulties in speaking. That is why our German Conversation Course in Berlin is here. Through exploring interesting topics in colourful contexts, we will make you speak. Ready for a huge boost to your speaking skills? Our German conversation courses in Berlin run at a leisurely pace with a format of 2 lessons per day, 2 days a week, 4 lessons* per week. No desk, no stress. Not only will every minute be worth your while, but it will also be lots of fun!

Monday or Tuesday

17:30 – 18:15 Explore & express
18:15 – 19:00 Vocabulary in action

Wednesday or Thursday

17:30 – 18:15 Interactive workshop
18:15 – 19:00 Role plays

* This is a sample schedule and the activities change weekly. For the detailed curriculum, visit our page for German language levels.

FAQs for German conversation course in Berlin

What is a conversation class?

A conversation class means classes with a focus on speaking, twice per week. In short, this type of course helps you communicate with ease. At the end of the course, you will have overcome your fears, improved your pronunciation and be used to the spoken language. Our promise: We will make you speak better!

How can I register to the German conversation courses in Berlin?

Firstly, you need to fill out our online registration form by clicking on register. Secondly, our team will organise the free placement test for you. Finally, we will recommend the right course for you and share the starting date.

Do you offer an online German conversation course?

Yes! We have online German conversation courses in the form of evening or intensive classes.

How are the other courses different to the conversation course?

Actually, all language courses at DAS Akademie are excellent conversation courses, because their emphasis is always on speaking. Haven’t we all learned our mother tongue through listening, speaking and repeating? Our parents didn’t explain any grammar rules to us, we learned grammar inductively. So why would we need to do anything else but to speak German to learn German, when speaking is proven to be the most effective language learning method?

Still not sure if conversation is your thing? Then we cordially invite you to take a look at the other courses we have on offer in Berlin.


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