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German Classes for Kids & Teens in Berlin: Learn German at DAS Akademie and boost your language development and your school grades!

Our German courses for kids and teens are especially designed to equip young learners with first class language skills. Because of this, all lessons feature a series of pedagogically designed games and activities to make the classes fun and engaging. Creative assignments will activate all areas of the brain for lasting results. Thus, you will be able to express yourself in German with great accuracy and ease.

German Courses for Kids & Teens

Prior to the registration, we will offer you a free and comprehensive placement test. Subsequently, our teachers will recommend the right programme for you.

Intensive German Courses for Teenagers in Germany

Intensive German courses for teenagers take place throughout the summer in our central Berlin language school.  Here, an international atmosphere will encourage you to communicate in German and make friends. Furthermore, the programme features activities outside of the classroom, in the mornings or in the afternoons. The classes run Monday to Friday, between 10:00 and 13:15 or 14:30 and 17:45. For more information, please visit the page for the Summer German School.

German Courses for Kids and Teens in Berlin

Regular afternoon German classes are also available for all ages and levels. These courses take place 2 days per week in the afternoons. We offer 2 lessons per day (1 lesson=45 minutes) between 16:00 and 17:30. For an effective learning experience, our groups feature a maximum of 8 participants.

Our special offer for the first 4 weeks is only 99,-€! Afterwards, the regular course fee for 4 weeks is 149,-€.

Depending on the age group, the following adult courses might also be suitable for teens:

Online German Courses for Kids and Teens in Berlin

In addition to German classes in Berlin, we offer the most innovate online German courses for kids. In fact, DAS Akademie created the most comprehensive online language learning tool for kids: MintiCity Kids.

Private Tutoring

Sometimes, one to one lessons are a good way to focus on individual challenges and specific knowledge gaps. For example, private tutoring is an effective way of preparing for a specific exam. Depending on the goal, we will offer an afternoon schedule which is tailored to you!