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Berlin’s Free University, Freie Universität Berlin, is one of Germany’s 20 largest universities. Founded in 1948 to become Berlin’s Oxford, the university is now considered as one of the world’s most prestigious. This hugely prestigious university is always ranked among  the German Universities Excellence Initiative – a foundation which aims to provide the best learning conditions for young scholars. Freie Universität Berlin specialises in Research, Art & Humanities, Social Sciences and many other fields which are internationally recognised. Thanks to this diversity of learnings, the free university is an international leader. Freie Universität Berlin is located in Dahlem, one of Berlin’s greenest and classiest neighbourhoods.

The Campus of Freie Universität Berlin

Freie Universität Berlin looks like an American university campus. It features a student village on the shores of Schlachtensee and modern faculty buildings in a green setting. The university is composed of 12 faculties and 3 research buildings serving 32,000 students. Humboldt University co-manages its medical faculty. There are a total of 190 degree programmes in the university, some of which smaller than those at Humboldt University. These include Theatre, Cinema, Byzantinology, Sinology, Egyptology and Turkology. The language of instruction is German and the tuition is free because it is a state university. Students merely pay a small contribution per semester which includes a free ticket for public transport during the semester times.

One of the Top Ten Universities in Germany

Freie Universität Berlin works with more than 400 leading higher education institutions across 5 continents. New York City, Brussels, Moscow, Peking, Cairo and New Delhi offices support these activities. Moreover, it is classified as one of the top ten universities in Germany in the fields of Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics. There are many well-known thinkers, scientists and politicians among its graduates. Some of them have even won Nobel Prizes.

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