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Flexible Evening English classes in Berlin are highly sought after. Because the number of international companies moving their headquarters to Berlin is increasing day by day. Even though many employees in Berlin can speak English, most of them lack the skills to communicate effectively. However, busy days at work makes it difficult to further develop existing language skills.

If you are aspiring at a career in an international setting, you need excellent English skills. DAS Akademie helps you achieve this goal by offering you flexible evening English classes in Berlin.

Start Today: Evening English Courses in Berlin

Inspired by the drop-in yoga classes, our evening English classes in Berlin are open to everyone who would like to join at the beginning of each month. Here, our free skills and needs assessment ensure a successful placement.

In order to facilitate interaction and free expression, our classes have 6 to 8 students on average. No worries if you have set meetings or holidays during the course of your English program. Our team will keep you posted with your homework and an experienced teacher will reintegrate you back into your class. We will also add compensating days to your registration, so you will not lose a single day.

Simple Registration

English, being a world language, is an important skill to have in our global society. You can use the registration form below to reserve a spot in a suitable course.

We hope to help you in the journey of achieving confidence in conversational English.