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Flea markets have become a typical model for trade, exchange and bargains since the very old days. It is more than an opportunity for trading and defines itself as a part of daily life. When in Berlin, do not miss out on the Flea Market at Mauer Park. Because, you can just spend the whole day here enjoying the vibes of artists, musicians, hipsters, Berliners and international visitors mixing up altogether. The Flea Market is famous, hence Visit Berlin calls it the iconic flea market of the city.

Flea Market at Mauer Park: When and where?

Since the unification of Germany and the collapse of Berlin wall, Mauer Park has been open to public. Since then, the Flea Market has been an important attraction to the locals and expanded its reach to international visitors and expats. The flea market started off as an open air marketplace for exchanging second-hand goods. The flea market takes place every Sunday, from 10:00 to 18:00.

What is the Flea Market all about?

In general, you will get a taste of Berlin at the Flea Market at Mauer Park. You will definitely find vintage clothes, vinyl records, jewelry, antique items and even furniture at the flea market. Fresh cold beer is always ready for a Sunday afternoon. You can buy a big bottle of beer for only 2 €.

The open air karaoke is a must-check-out at the Flea Market at Mauer Park. It seems like a tradition of the market. Anyone can be a singer. They will come to the man with a bike, a speaker and a microphone and sing with all of their confidence. Then, anyone can join the audience sitting around the amphitheater. You will spot a lot of street art, a few mime artists and many talented musicians.

The Flea Market at Mauer Park has been an iconic open air space mirroring the lively, hippie and international atmosphere of Berlin. Everyone is welcome to partake in the event and make new friends. The Flea Market is, of course, free. Go check it out! We are sure you will have an interesting thing to tell your family and your friends about “Berliner life.”

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Flea Market at Mauer Park at a Glance!

Date and time: every Sunday      10:00-18:00

Location: Mauer Park

Admission fee: FREE

Official site: http://www.flohmarktimmauerpark.de/



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