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February in Berlin. With it’s cold winds and rainy days, February is probably not the most popular month to be doing outside activities in Berlin. We feel it’s still a bit too cold to stay outside for more than a couple of hours and so, the sightseeing is put on the backburner for a little while. February is therefore the ideal month to start a German course in Berlin. We want you to be entertained in Berlin but we also don’t want to risk you getting a cold or just simply freeze your *ss off! Incoming: our list of 3 alternate activities you can do in February in Berlin without being exposed to the Berlin cold.

What to do: Our Top 3

#1 February in Berlin: Going to the cinema

February in Berlin is the perfect month to try the popular and diverse “Kino culture” that Berlin has to offer. Berlin has many different Kinos. There are Kinos to suit all tastes; big, commercial movie theatres where you can watch the latest blockbusters, small arty movie theatres with a more alternative selection of movies and everything in between. In Germany there is an overall habit of Dubbing movies with German voices if the original version isn’t in German. Because of Berlin’s international nature, it’s relatively easy to find movies in their original language, either with German or English subtitles and sometimes even both!

Our personal favourites:

A nice and cosy movie theatre in the heart of Berlin. As the name reveals it is located in one of the eight Hackesche Höfe (Hof means courtyard) and the building alone is a pretty sight to behold.

On top of that, Hackesche Höfe Kino offers delicious popcorn and a 5 Euro movie ticket if you’re younger than 25 years old.

A small Kino theatre located in the lovely area of Kreuzberg. Babylon Kino offers a small selection of popular movies in their original language, either with or without German subtitles.

No other Kino in Berlin embodies the “Kreuzberg charm” more than Sputnik. The cinema rooms are decorated with brick rows of seats but there are also sofas and armchairs for more comfort. The living room character is undeniable here. Sputnik also regularly organises cool events with DJs in the bar. Check out their website and don’t miss the next event in “Berlin’s highest cinema”.

#2 February in Berlin: Treat yourself to a spa day

Feel like escaping the craziness that is Berlin in February? Then Vabali is the right way to go! This spa is an oasis of peace and calmness right next to the Berlin Central Station (I know, I couldn’t believe it either!). At Vabali you can recharge your batteries in the beautiful outdoor area or in one of the many saunas, steam rooms and pools.

Another spa that we’d recommend is Liquidrom. This spa is located near Potsdamer Platz and a little more modern. What makes Liquidrom truly unique is that they have an underwater installation in their biggest pool. Various DJ performances take place on a regular basis, so you can just relax and have a nice float in the pool whilst enjoying some relaxing music.

Check out their website for their upcoming events!

#3 February in Berlin: An alternative Berlin Underground Tour

When it rains outside, why don’t you just go underground and see Berlin in February from a different perspective? Berliner Unterwelten takes you on a trip through the history of Berlin. They offer 4 different guided tours in which you will get to see fascinating bunkers built during WW2 and also tunnels that people used to escape from East to West Berlin when the Berlin wall was still standing.

A must-see!