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FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, you fill find our answers to most frequently asked questions (FAQ or FAQs).

Course Enrollment

How much will I pay?

You can find the prices of all German courses listed under the course description. Same applies to the English, Spanish and Turkish courses.

When can I start?

Beginners’ courses in Berlin are available at the beginning of each month. Joining an ongoing course is possible at any time. For announced courses, please check our upcoming courses page. However, we also open courses on demand. Each new class can start with a minimum of 3 participants. You can  contact us anytime to request a new course. Our two step skills assessment with a teacher ensures that you are placed in the right class. Therefore, trial lessons can only be offered in exceptional cases.

What level should I take?

Every journey begins with an effective free skills assessment (written and spoken) and a direct consultation with a teacher. Skills assessments, or placement tests, can be done in person or online. Please contact us to make an appointment for the free skills assessment.

How can I register?

You can easily sign up for a language course by using the online registration form. This is not a binding registration and you will receive the final registration form via email alongside the details of the course.

Which course can I choose?

We offer a large variety of language courses in Berlin. You can check all the options and choose the best for you on our language programs page.

Is there a minimum age to attend the courses?

The minimum age to partecipate is 16 with the exception of kids and teens courses.


Course Types

Do you offer private lessons?

Private lessons can start between 13:00 and 17:00 on any weekday. You can find more information on the structure and price on the dedicated one to one lessons page.

Do you offer intensive classes in the evening?

The intensive classes usually take place 5 days per week, Monday through Friday, between 10:00 and 13:15. However, intensive classes can also be scheduled in the evenings on demand

Can I get a discount?

Discounts are included in the case of multiple week bookings. The longer you book, the less you pay.

What is a conversation course?

Although we call our afternoon courses “Conversation Courses,” all course types in our language school can be considered excellent conversation courses. Our goal is making you speak effortlessly. Expressing yourself fluently and accurately in the target language can only be achieved through the internalization of grammar structures and vocabulary. Our teachers are experts in making complex structures easy to understand. Of course, they also utilise writing exercises as part of using a language actively.

Can I use the course to register for a language VISA?

After you register for an intensive course at the DAS Akademie and pay the course fee to the full, we will send you an official registration confirmation/ invitation letter. This document is official proof that you are enrolled in an eligible language course with 20 lesson hours per week. You will then need to submit this confirmation to the country’s responsible German authority. Click here for more information on the language study visa process.



Do you offer accommodation?

Yes, we can help you find an accommodation in Berlin if you enroll in an intensive German or English language course. Please visit the accommodation search service page for more information.


Are there any events?

Yes, we have a section entirely dedicated to our free events for our students.

Who are your students?

Amazing people from all over the world. Here, you will find an incredible mix of nationalities and cultures in every class


How long will the course take?

4 weeks per sub-level in an intensive course in line with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). 10 weeks per sub-level in an evening course

How does it work with the course book?

The course book can be obtained directly at the desk. The cost is between 15-20€ depending on the level

Which course book do you use?

Our teachers try to use the most up to date volumes. A different book is used for each level.

What happen if I miss a lesson?

We send you the topics covered and tasks assigned by e-mail.

What is your teaching method?

We have a section dedicated for information about our teaching method.

What to do if my course is too easy or too hard?

If you realize that the course is too easy or too hard you can talk to your teacher and change the level of your course.

General Information

Is English spoken during the lessons?

At DAS Akademie, German is taught in German, from the first lesson. Because the most effective way to learn German is to hear and speak German.

Can I join an ongoing class?

Yes. If needed, we will offer catch-up classes to integrate you into an ongoing class.

What is the schedule?

Intensive courses in our language school run Monday through Friday between 10:00 and 21:30.

Evening classes in our language school are held two days a week on Mondays and Wednesdays, or on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 19:00 and 21:30.

Are there any holidays?

Yes, you can  learn more about our language school holidays in our Holiday calendar.

What if something happen and I can not continue my class?

Flexible solutions can be offered on a case by case basis.

How many students are there in a class?

Typically between 4 and 8 participants. Every class can start with a minimum of 3 participants. The maximum number of participants for every class is 12.

What do I learn and do I have a certificate at the end?

You will learn to express yourself in a spontaneous, correct and effective way. At the end of the course, you will receive a widely recognised certificate of attendance and completion.

What do I need for the first day?

Just a pen and a notebook.


How can I pay?

We accept cash payments or bank transfer.

Can I reserve a spot and pay later?

You can reserve a spot by filling out the online registration form. Payment must be made before the start of the course.

Can I pay a multi week, month by month?

The multi week price  includes a discount  and should be pre-paid.

Are there any additional costs?

Additional costs apply to books, apartment search service (40 €) and a registration fee in amount of 60€ which applies to enrollments from abroad.

Business Courses

How to reach us

How do I reach the school?

Our language school is located at the city centre. You will find us right across the metro station U Rosenthaler Platz (U8). The address is

How can I contact you?

Terms and Conditions

Where can I find Terms and Conditions?

Refunds and Cancellation

We try to be as flexible as possible, but a refund is only possible in line with our Terms and Conditions.


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