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FAQ for our Language School

Here are our FAQs – they will give you an answer to the most common questions. If you have any more questions, please contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is DAS Akademie?

Our language school is located in the city centre. You will find us right across from the metro station U Rosenthaler Platz (U8). The address is Torstraße 125, 10119 Berlin..

When is the school open?

You can visit our office from Monday to Thursday between 9:30 and 18:30. When you are not able to come in person during these times, you can always set an appointment at a time that suits you more.

Can I book a course for only a week?

Absolutely! Our courses can be booked for a week, but the more weeks you book in advance, the less you pay per lesson.

Can I register for a year?

You can book our intensive course for a maximum of 40 weeks. This means that you will be covering 10 sub-levels. For our evening courses, you can book up to 20 weeks which are 2 sub-levels. How useful a long-term registration is, completely depends on your own goals and personal learning behaviour.

I am looking for accommodation, can DAS Akademie help me with that?

Yes, we can! We like to support you in any way possible. If you register and pay at least 2 months in advance of the start of your course, we will try to find you the perfect place through our contacts.
The monthly renting prices in Berlin, depending on location and furniture, are between 400,-€ and 650,-€.

What is included in the course price?

The course price includes the interactive lessons that you receive, in small groups and also all the DAS Events! The price for the book is not included in the total. The price depends on the sub-level, but always falls between 15,-€ and 22,-€.

Can I follow more than 1 course at the same time?

At DAS Akademie, you can combine different modules and different language courses at the same time. All group courses can also be offered with additional individual courses.

How can I find the right course for me?

We like to advise every person individually. It is important for us to know your language past, the languages you already speak, and your personal goals. Afterwards, when we have found the right course for you, we will go a step further. If you have previous knowledge of the target language, we would like to invite you to take part in a completely free placement test. This test consists of a written part and an oral part, and can be taken at our school, or online and over the phone. After the placement test, we will have a complete overview of your level, situation and goals. This way we can recommend what the best course is for you.

Do you also offer leisure programs?

DAS Akademie regularly organizes excursions and events in Berlin. From our regular breakfast, to museum visits, workshops and celebrations. There is something for everybody. All our leisure activities are free for our students! There are some minor additional costs that you carry yourself, such as renting materials or entry fee.

What is a placement test ?

Our placement test consists of 2 parts, a written part and an oral part. The written part takes around 20 to 40 minutes, depending on your previous knowledge, and can be taken at our school or online. This is followed by the oral part with one of our teachers, which also can be carried out at our school or over the phone. The results of both tests, will together determine your language level, and with that, the right course.

Do I have to take a placement test? Even when I have a language certificate?

You should absolutely take our free placement test, since the level of your certificate is not always the same as the level of your speaking skills. Speaking is something that we really value at DAS Akademie, and we want you to have an optimal experience in your course. That is why we believe it is necessary for you to take the free placement test.

I feel like I have been placed in the wrong level or course, what can I do?

We work closely with the teachers, with whom we discuss your developments, as well as your current status. It does happen that participants reactivate old skills quickly, in which case a change of class makes sense. If this happens, we will absolutely talk to you, but if we haven’t yet, please speak to us directly.

I am ill, and I can't come to class. Can I recover this day from my registration?

When you cannot attend a course for personal reasons, we can only give you this day back when you have indicated this when you registered for the course. Unfortunately, we cannot accept short-term cancellations. If you have missed a class, we will send you the topics covered and the homework by email.

I got a trip for a week as a gift. Can I catch up this week?

We are very happy for you that you can spontaneously go on vacation! But we can only take into account days off if you have already specified these when you registered. If you cannot come at short notice, we cannot refund you. If you miss a lesson, we will always send you the topics and homework by email.

My registration will come to an end soon, when should I extend it?

We are very happy that you enjoy the course! In order to not lose your place in the course, we advise you to extend your registration at least one week before the last booked day of class. Otherwise you risk losing your place, as it could be allocated to another person. Usually we will notify you one week before your course ends.

How can I make the payment?

For the registration, you can pay at the front desk in cash, or you can bank transfer the money to us from home.

Can I pay by credit card?

At the moment, it is not possible to pay by credit card in the school.

When do I pay for the class?

When registering, the course fee must be paid 14 days before the start of the course. If the course starts in less than 14 days, payment must be made on the day of registration or the following day.

How can I receive a visa?

For a visa, you need a written confirmation of registration for at least 18 lesson units per week. You can receive this from us after you register and the course fee is paid. This confirmation, together with all the other necessary documents, is sent to the German authorities. Please always inform yourself about the necessary documents and requirements for your own country in advance.


Where do the classes happen?

The in-person classes take place in the classrooms of DAS Akademie. You can find our building at Torstraße 125, immediately next to the metro station Rosenthaler Platz. DAS Akademie also offers you the opportunity to follow online courses from the comfort of your own home.

How many students are in a group course?

With DAS Akademie, you learn in very small groups. The number of students per group is between 4 and 12. The average number of participants in our intensive courses is 5-7 people and in our evening courses 6-9 people..

How old are the participants?

The average age of our students is between 25 and 40 years old. The minimum age for our adult course is 18 years. Exceptions are possible in individual cases. The age for our youth courses in the summer is between 12 and 17 years. Course participants under the age of 18 can only take part in a course with the permission of a legal guardian.

How long is 1 lesson unit?

One lesson lasts up to 45 minutes. Group courses have 3-4 lessons per class day. For one-to-on courses, at least 2 teaching units per day are effective, but this can be agreed individually depending on the goal and type of learner.

What study material is used?

The books and material that we use in class depends on the level. We generally work with the textbooks DaF Leicht, Aspekte Neu, Sicher and also others. According to certain levels and personal needs, we also work with materials that we have developed and tested over the past twenty years.

Can I borrow the textbook?

We recommend that you get your own book. But in the event that participants are integrated into a class at the end of a level and a change of textbook is necessary, you can borrow the course book. A deposit of 20,-€ or 25,-€ is required for the loan. In addition, there is a flat rate usage fee of 1,-€ per week. The usage fee is taken off the deposit after the textbook is returned and the difference is paid out.

I don't speak English, how do we communicate?

The classes at DAS Akademie take place in the target language. So you don’t need other languages to learn the target language! In other words, when you want to learn German, the classes will take place in German. Thanks to the immersive learning methodology, you will achieve the fastest and most effective learning experience and you will still understand everything in class. In addition, participants who do not speak English are not excluded this way.

What is an evening course?

In the evening course at DAS Akademie you receive lessons 2 days per week (either Monday and Wednesday, or Tuesday and Thursday) and you finish a sub-level in 10 weeks. The evening courses take place from 19.00 to 21.30 and are 6 lesson units per week. (1 lesson unit = 45 minutes). 4 weeks of evening courses costs 198, -€. 10 weeks is 400, -€. The more you book, the better the price per lesson unit.

What is an intensive course?

An intensive course means that you end 1 sub-level (such as A1.1) in only 4 weeks. The course takes place every Monday to Friday between 10:00 a.m. and 1:15 p.m. In an intensive course, you will receive up to 20 teaching units (1 teaching unit = 45 minutes) per week. 4 weeks of intensive courses costs 445,-€. 8 weeks only costs 830,-€. The more you book, the cheaper the lesson is.

Can I switch from the intensive course to an evening course?

Your weeks from the intensive course can be converted into credits for an evening course. However, this only applies if there is a free place in an evening course at the appropriate level. Otherwise you can expect a waiting time. The equivalent of the remaining time will not be paid out.

Can I switch from the evening course to an intensive course?

Your weeks from the evening course can be converted into credits for an intensive course. However, this only applies if there is a free spot in an intensive course at the appropriate level. Otherwise you can expect a waiting time. The equivalent of the remaining time will not be paid out.

Who is my teacher?

Our team consists of motivated and talented teachers, who are all tested by DAS Academie in advance for their methodological and didactic skills. This guarantees lessons true to our motto “we make you speak!”.

What is a 2-to-1 course?

In the 2-to-1 lessons at DAS Akademie, two students learn together with one teacher. In order to achieve this, the two participants should have a similar language level. In 2-to-1 lessons you book lesson packages. A package with 1-40 teaching units (1 teaching unit = 45 minutes) costs 55,-€ per teaching unit. If you book more than 41 lessons in 2-to-1 lessons, you only pay 50,-€ per lesson for both participants. The course fee can be shared between the participants.

What are top-classes in the one-on-one course?

Here, a student learns together with a teacher, and receives tailored lessons to his or her needs. This way, you can work on personal difficulty areas and learn at your own pace.

What are master classes for the one-on-one course?

The master classes are a special interactive teaching concept that is carried out by specially trained teachers. Here a student learns together with a teacher away from the commercial teaching concepts. The lessons are tailored to your needs and an exceptionally fast learning success is ensured by the trained teaching staff.

How long does it take to finish a level?

How long you need to reach a sub-level (e.g. A1.1) depends on the chosen course model. In an intensive course, you need 4 weeks to complete a sub-level. In an evening course, you need 10 weeks to complete a sub-level.

Are there intermediate exams?

At the end of every sub-level there is a final test. This way we can track your progress, shortcomings and gaps.

Is there a final exam?

At the end of a sub-level (e.g. A2.2) you will complete a final exam so that we can identify your learning progress and your gaps.

Do I receive a certificate at the end of the course?

On request, we will be happy to issue a certificate that confirms that you have participated in the language course and reached the level of the finished course.