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How do I become old, meaning reach 100 years old and enjoy it?  DAS Akademie Berlin wants to show you the secrets for a long and happy life.

Can we get 100 years old and enjoy it?

In addition to the regular intensive or evening courses, this DAS event will creatively teach you the impact of demographic change on your life. This is a topic which is constantly coming back as part of the many discussions and debates in our modern society. The easiest and best way for most of us would probably be to ask our grandparents if they are happy and what they do in their lives to keep themselves happy. Most of us would think that the younger you are, the happier you are…but we wanted to dig a little deeper into this hypothesis.

All about the 100 years exhibition…

By playing and having fun in the exhibition “How to get to 100 – and enjoy it”, you will learn all sorts of interesting aspects and opinions about life and how to make the most of it. At the end of this exhibition, our main goal is to make sure that you are no longer scared about a fire hazard from the amount of candles on your cake! At the same time, you will almost definitely improve your German. There is no better way to improve your language skills than to use the target language in an authentic and relaxed context. The exhibition takes place in the Wissenschaftsforum am Gendarmenmarkt and is great for all levels of German-speakers who would like to both improve their language and have lots to say about a variety of topics!

Here, you will understand what it means when you hear the phrase “demographic change”. In addition to this, the latest results from related research are presented. Through quizzes, interviews and the support of modern technologies such as iPads or Pac-Man games, the exhibition becomes a unique and interactive experience. The exhibition shows many great graphics in the form of videos and photos and therefore it is a must-see, and a great way to get a real feel of the city, where you will undoubtedly meet people from all walks of life. The travelling exhibition will visit Berlin from the 21st January until the 7th of March and is open from Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm. Admission is free for all visitors. You can either visit the exhibition with a guide or you can go and explore it on your own.

This exhibition offers you the ideal opportunity to test your language skills and with the intensive and evening courses at DAS Akademie, you will be well prepared to tackle it.

The DAS team wishes you a lot of fun!