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English Course in Berlin

If you are looking for an English course in Berlin, then our central language school offers a variety of options for you. Small classrooms, friendly atmosphere and the interactive teaching method will make you speak the language faster; because our native English instructors are the best in their league.

Just like our German courses in Berlin, we offer English courses in all levels of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR), from beginners to advanced levels. Click on the name of the course to see the complete details, including prices:

Can’t find what you are looking for? We find tailored solutions upon request.

English Courses: Key Features

  • Available on all levels of CEFR
  • Small groups & personalised classes
  • Speaking driven approach
  • Different timetables & intensity
  • For adults or young learners

Why an English course in Berlin?

Berlin is a rich cultural hub with 138 museums, more than 500 art galleries, 270 movie theatres, 44 theatres, 6 concert houses and 4 opera houses. Berlin’s museums and galleries exhibit world renowned antiquity and art collections. Furthermore, several major international events and festivals are held in Berlin, including Biennale, Berlin Art Week, Art Berlin Fair and Transmediale.

Berlin is one of the most influential centres of research and higher education in Germany and the world. Its 4 public universities and approximately 30 colleges work alongside other leading institutions to organise countless congresses, lectures and workshops throughout the year. Learn English while not missing out on this rich cultural life!

Do you need English for holidays, for your job, or because you want to learn the language of your friends? DAS Akademie offers English courses in all levels of the CEFR, from beginners to advanced levels.

So look no further, come to a consultation where we will define your goals, and work with you to find the right path to success.

It is never late to learn English

Can you imagine a world without English? Not today. No matter your age, you too can become a fluent English speaker. In an intensive English course, we can help you achieve this goal in 6 months.

There is no doubt that English is one of the most influential languages in the world. Whether you learn it for study or professional purposes, taking English courses in Berlin will make life easier.

Although there are more people in the world whose native language is Mandarin or Spanish–as an international language–English remains unchallenged. Estimates range from half a billion to a billion people worldwide speak English as a foreign language, 38 percent of non native speakers have learned English as a second language.

Feel free to contact us for detailed information on course types and specific course dates. 

Intensive English Course in Berlin

Intensive English Course

4 days per week, 4 weeks per sub-level, 420,-€

Evening English Course Berlin

Evening English Course

2 days per week, 8 weeks per sub-level, 425,-€

English Conversation Courses in Berlin

English Conversation Course

4 lessons per week, 165,-€

One to One English Lessons

One-to-one English Lessons

Flexible, from 36,-€ per lesson

English Classes for Kids & Teens

English Classes for Kids & Teens

Intensive or Semi-intensive, from 149,-€.