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English Classes for Kids & Teens in Berlin: Have an afternoon full of fun by learning English at DAS Akademie!

Our English classes for kids and teens are expertly designed to energise and motivate young learners after a long day at school. All lessons feature games, music, role play and crafts. Our aim is to help young learners develop speaking skills rapidly and use the English language effectively. As a result, better grades at school will start to shine through. This course will also enable them to take advantage of the language teacher’s expert knowledge and be prepared for the future. The earlier they master the English language, the better they will do with school work and eventually, professional opportunities.

Before the registration, our teachers will always assess the current skills and learning needs. From there, they will be able to recommend the right group course or private tuition programme.

English Classes for Kids & Teens

English classes for kids require extraordinary resourcefulness and organisational skills, and our teachers get it right. In our English courses, children discover the English language through age-specific activities. Below, you will find our main course options for kids and teens:

Group Classes

English classes for groups take place during 2 afternoons each week. We offer 2 lessons per day (1 lesson=45 minutes) between 16:00 and 17:30. For an effective learning experience, the participants are divided into groups of a maximum of 8 participants according to their age and level.

Our special offer for first 4 weeks is only 149,-€. The registration requires a monthly renewal for a continuous learning experience.

Private Tutoring

Sometimes, one to one lessons are a good way to focus on individual challenges and specific knowledge gaps. For example, private tutoring is an effective way of preparing for a specific exam. Depending on the goal, we can offer a tailored schedule in the afternoons.

If you would like to improve your English knowledge alongside your child or teen, check out our Intensive English Courses in Berlin. If you’re busy during the day, take a look at our Evening English courses!