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The world has now been facing the corona crisis for two years, and we can’t wait for all the public spaces to reopen, for life to return to normal, and to finally reach the end of lockdown. Whether we are in full or partial lockdown, curfews, mask-wearing and many other social restrictions are now an integral part of our daily lives.

Don’t you want to have your normal life back and enjoy it freely with your friends in the streets of Berlin? Of course! None of us can wait to have our “pre-Covid” lives back.

Surely the current lockdown can’t go on for much longer? However, in Germany, the government have recently mapped out a step-by-step approach to plan the reopening of the country. So that you know exactly what is available to you in Berlin, we have found a list of places that are allowed to reopen in the near future, with appropriate measures in place:

End of Lockdown in Berlin


Reopening places in Berlin

When we are finally graced with our long-awaited post-corona times, places in the capital of Germany will gradually start to reopen! This period has been hard for everyone but we mustn’t forget that it has been especially detrimental for artists and other, similar professionals who depend on their work to maintain an income. The list of places which are allowed to reopen includes museums, temporal exhibitions, galleries and outside attractions such as zoos, gardens, parks and sports facilities. So, this must be a reason for us to get excited to finally enter post-Corona times.

Which places can return to business as usual?

Exhibitions and Museums

◦ The Pergamon Museum: Das Panorama
◦ Whole Berlin: Miss You
◦ The Schinkel Pavillon: Sun rise – Sun set
◦ Pei Building: Report from Exile

Museums & Gallery

Zoos & Gardens

Zoological Garden
Peacok Island (be careful, because of renovation work the castle will be closed until 2024)
Garden of the World
Botanical Garden

As well as museums & galleries, memorials will also reopen. As you can see in the government strategy, schools, hairdressers, bookshops and public services have been open since the beginning of March (and of course they always follow the necessary hygiene protocols).

It’s essential to start leaving the house again and do everyday, normal activities such as walking through the local markets and going to various shops. Visiting local shops and shopping with small businesses is a real help for them and supports our economy massively.
Corona cases are reducing but not disappearing! Because of this, you will slowly be able to go to public places (as listed before), but you will still have to wear a surgical mask, buy your tickets online, keep the 1.5m distance and follow the current hygiene rules.

End of Lockdown Berlin: The Next Step

According to the government’s strategy, the next step is to reopen concert halls & opera houses, outdoor terraces for catering and reintroduce all outdoor sports. It could be that you need to book an appointment in advance, so that the business and event management can control how many people are in the facilities at any one time. Alternatively, you may be required to present a negative test on arrival.

In order to put this terrible virus behind us and finally reach the end of lockdown in Berlin, the government expects us to behave responsibly, wear medical masks in crowded places, keep the minimum distance from other people and wash our hands regularly. This will facilitate the decrease of the virus and get our lives back to normal.

We’re on the right track! We will beat the virus!

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