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We officially survived winter! Now it is time to shed off our winter clothes and enjoy all what spring has to offer. After April fools but before Mother’s Day, people can enjoy Easter. Originally a religious holiday celebrated by many but it is also just a nice excuse to eat chocolate. Here, you will find our Easter season highlights for Berlin.

Spring festivals

The sun arrived and with it came the spring festivals. Spring festivals are the perfect family activity! Located in different neighborhoods all around Berlin, you can enjoy a delicious Bratwurst while watching your children scream with joy on several attractions.

  • Every year there is guaranteed fun at Kurt-Schumacher-Damm in Renickendorf. This year the fair will entertain you from 29 March 2019 till 22 April 2019. A big fair with about 60 different attractions are waiting for you to try them all. Both kid-friendly and more exciting rides can be found here. But be aware! Once you enter this fun zone, you might never want to leave again.
  • If you have no plans during the Easter weekend (20/04/19 till 22/04/2019), why not take a dive in the past with us? At the Spandau Citadel you will discover a medieval revival, a fest with jousting tournaments, jugglers and craftsmen. Complete your experience with authentic music, theatrical performances and of course, lots of food! The Knight’s festival will show you the bright side of the Dark Ages.
  • In Gutspark Britz Festgelände you can become one with spring. Every year you can visit the “Volksfest Britzer Baumblüte” in this area. Under the blooming cherry blossom trees you can expect over 40 attractions, a stage show and to top it off, fireworks! While the little ones can look for the Easter bunny, the adults can enjoy a glass of fruit wine (or two). This folk festival takes place from 5.04.2019 till 22.04.2019 and is open from 14:00 till 22:00.

Easter markets

You have probably heard of Christmas markets but have you ever been to an Easter market? In Germany you can find them everywhere. They pop up during Lent, the period lasting 40 days until we reach Easter.

Berlin is proud to present the fabulous Berliner Ostermarkt! There are multiple across the city and they all offer a fun day out where you can admire painted eggs, various little shops and delicious food.

The easiest Easter market to spot is the one at Alexanderplatz, right in Berlin Mitte. Visit the Easter petting zoo, drink something at the Biergarten, admire the demonstrations of various crafts. Have a fully booked schedule till Easter already? No problem at all, since this market will be available from the 19th of April until the 5th of May.


One of the coolest traditions happening during Easter has to be the the Easter fire or Osterfeuer! People gather around a big fire to drink & sing together. It’s the perfect activity even if the weather is cold. Typically these bonfires are lit during Easter Saturday and Easter Sunday. Generally the fires stay lit until Easter Monday, an official holiday in Germany.

The fire symbolizes the end of Winter, a great event to celebrate! Next to that it also has a religious meaning, symbolizing the son of God, Jesus Christ. Nowadays the bonfires have lost most of the religious meaning but it is still a great event to attend and make nice memories.

In Berlin you can find multiple bonfires across town and in neighboring cities. You don’t even need to move from the festivals in Spandau citadel and Britzer Garten, since they offer you the complete Easter special, bonfire and everything!

Time to get out of your house and enjoy spring to the fullest!