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The East Side Gallery has become one of the most iconic places in Berlin. The gallery offers a vibrant combination of the remnants of the Berlin Wall and mural art depicting the creative and lively harmony of the city. In mid-August, East Side Gallery is definitely a must-go-to attraction. Our language school invites students to make new summer memories in Berlin with East Side Music Days. The festival will blow your mind with hundreds of amazing performances in different music styles.

A real hub of the truest artists

East Side Music Days first started with the idea of bringing all street performances to the East Side Gallery. Since its first launch in 2014, the festival has become more than just a part of the Berlin Music Week. The annual festival is now a highlight of Friedrichshain – Kreuzberg area representing cross-cultural love for music. This is a real hub for artists, performers, dancers, singer-songwriters with different music styles. Music is live, real and more suited to the audience than ever.

The idea of gathering all these mind-blowing performers on the street and bringing them closer to the public is the core value of the festival. Thus, admission to East Side Music Days is totally free. You should feel free to enjoy the music, dig into the vibes of a street festival and discover your new favourite type of music. Over 40,000 people came and joined in the hub last year. The festival is now waving unforgettable moments in front of you, so what are you waiting for?!

East Side Music Days 2018

It is still unknown whether East Side Music Days 2021 will take place.. The festival usually starts at 14:00 and goes on until 22:00. There are several stages, all with hectic schedules.

Alongside the music, delicious street food will be waiting for you in the many street food trucks positioned throughout the party. Do not miss the chance to mix up street music and street food. Kids are also welcome in the East Side Kids Area.

Music is getting wilder and wilder with technology. The VR Lounge (Virtual Reality) enabling the audience to see the performances virtually is a truly immersive experience. The lounge is open from 14:00 to 17:30 on Sunday.

Enjoy your summer time at Berlin East Side Gallery with special East Side Music Days!

East Side Music Days at a Glance!

Date and time: Not yet known

Location: between East Side Gallery and Oberbaumbrücke (Frierichshain – Kreuzberg)

Admission fee: FREE


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