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The East Side Gallery, one of Berlin’s most popular attractions, is actually a former section of the Berlin Wall. After the fall of the Wall (der Mauerfall), artists have turned it into the largest open-air gallery in the world. You can find over one hundred paintings distributed along the 1.3 kilometre long painted former Berlin Wall. Where can you find it? At Mühlenstraße, from the Oberbaum Bridge to Ostbahnhof train station.

The open-air art gallery is the longest continuous section of the Berlin Wall still in existence. Immediately after the fall of the Wall, artists from all over the world began painting the East Side Gallery. Therefore, it officially opened as an open air gallery on 28th September 1990. Just one year later, it was given a protected memorial status.

The East Side Gallery represents a monument dedicated to freedom of expression and reconciliation. Some of the paintings are known worldwide, such as Dmitri Vrubel’s “Fraternal Kiss” and Birgit Kinders’s “Trabant” breaking through the wall. The several paintings on the wall create a collage which reflects the eclectic and bohemian atmosphere of Berlin today. Above all, these paintings are a mix of surreal images, political statements, graffiti and lots more.

Take a walk along the East Side Gallery and rediscover art and the history of the Berlin Wall!

Light installation: “What is here now, what once was here”

As part of the 30th anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall, you will be able to enjoy an aquatic light installation on the Spree River by the artist Rainer Walter Gottemeier. “What is here now, what once was here” is the motto of this light installation. This exhibition takes place between the 4th and 10th of November. And you will have the best view from the shore of the East Side Gallery.

Light artist Rainer W. Gottemeier is installing an approximately 150-meter-long light line consisting of floating, luminous rods and signal buoys in the Spree.

Rainer W: Gottemeier is a German native. He was born in 1949 and started to work as a visual artist in 1980, after having worked as a musician and composer.

Come with DAS Akademie to enjoy this unique experience!

East Side Gallery Light Installation

That is to say, East Side Gallery is a piece of living history in Berlin. DAS Akademie can take you on a walk to see this main attraction. Firstly, visiting the East Side Gallery at night is recommended, as it is not as crowded with tourists as it is in the morning. Therefore, having the opportunity to experience the light installation is going to be a unique and amazing one for you! Ask for more information about this event at our front desk!