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Celebrating diversity in Berlin, Germany? Berlin is the gateway to so many different cultures! Over 3.5 million people live in Berlin. They come from all over Europe, as well as from  Eastern Asia and the Middle East. Approximately 5,5% of the people come from Turkey, 3% from Asia, 2% from Africa, 2% from North and South America, 3% from Poland, and 3% from Russia. By the same token, people speak a variety of languages. Although the most common native language is German,  a large number of people can speak English, Turkish, Russian, Persian, Arabic, and Vietnamese.

Evidence of Diversity In Berlin: Religion

Religious diversity in Berlin is immediately evident. Take the beautiful places of worship, such as:

Beyond that, the evangelical church offers minorities the opportunity to gather in their churches and perform their own ceremonies. Ultimately, tolerance and openness are widely promoted in the city.

International Cuisine in Berlin

Ethnic diversity in Berlin can be enjoyed throughout the city, for example at the following restaurants:

  • Monsieur Vuong (Vietnamese)
  • Bandol Sur Mer (French)
  • Riva Restaurant (Mediterranean),
  • Kuchi Mitte (Japanese)
  • Nil (Sudanese)
  • Yumcha Heroes (Chinese)
  • Amrit (Indian).

Lifestyle & Shopping

Homesick immigrants or curious chefs can find ethnic markets throughout Berlin. For example:


Even the nightlife is diverse in Berlin. Here are just a few examples:

Diversity in Berlin: Berlin is for Everybody!

Events which celebrate diversity in Berlin? For the LGBTQIA community, Berlin Pride, or Christopher Street day takes place in July. At the same time, the German American Folk Festival features typical US- American food, drink, roller coasters, sand beaches, a display of historical cars, and live music. The Classic Open Air Festival is also in July. But don’t let the name fool you. Because you will hear classical music as well as rock, pop, and jazz music played by cellos, violins, and other classical instruments.

Berlin Fashion Week features young fashion designers. The Berlinale, or the Berlin International Film Festival takes place annually in February. Berlinale is considered one of the Big Three, alongside the Venice Film Festival and Cannes Film Festival. It features a competition, as well as viewings of classic films and modern films.

No matter where you are from or what you enjoy, you will find your niche here. Because Berlin is for everybody! To make your start in Berlin easy, the first thing you should consider doing is learning German though. It helps in making new friends. 🙂