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Team and Instructors

Each member of the DAS Team is a specialist in their field. From the first contact, you will get professional and friendly support. Together, we will make sure you are getting the best language education with the best service, accommodation and visa guidance.We meticulously select our language instructors who go through a rigorous recruitment process. Therefore, we are very proud of our language instructors. Their daily interaction with YOU brings the language you’re learning to life.




Language Instructors

Our teachers don’t just bring the text books to their classes, but also love, fun, creativity, and positive. Even in the online German courses. As a result, learning German, English, Spanish or Turkish becomes a delightful experience instead of a stressful one.

Our students say:

I received German language instruction from this school over many months and am delighted to say that this school sets the standard for excellence. The teachers are of the highest quality and the classes are both enjoyable and informative. I am absolutely sure my German would not have progressed nearly as quickly had I attended a different institution. I am happy to give them five stars and recommend them to anyone looking to improve their language abilities. Thank you so much DAS Team!

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