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Events in Berlin

DAS is more! DAS Akademie teaches German not only during the evening or intensive courses, but with DAS Akademie you also learn German in your spare time. In the heart of Berlin we offer numerous events ranging from art, sports to culture. Together, we even discover the nightlife. We are convinced of the importance of learning languages, not only in simulated situations, but also in everyday situations. Through various events you will get to know and love Berlin. Additionally, you have the opportunity to practice what you have learned in your language programs at DAS Akademie. Thus, DAS Events is the perfect opportunity to learn something, meet new people and have fun at the same time.

Learning on the spot

Such activities will help you with your language learning and will provide access to more learning places in Berlin. Practical learning is more sustainable and effective than cramming the grammar for many hours. By experiencing the language, you will memorize things easier and more long-term because you are able to learn the language with all your senses. You’ll experience the language in not just a passive way. You will do a lot more than sitting in your chair, listening and watching. All your cognition, linguistic and non-linguistic parts, are used and then you learn to orient yourself in a foreign-language environment.

The extra time we give you to talk at the DAS Events will make you realize that you can better remember the structures you’ve learned in the classroom because you repeat and use them more often. That is the key to free and fluent speech. Come to our DAS events to discover Berlin, language and life together with us.

We look forward to seeing you!